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WHAT IS A GADGET? Germany's Gadget Shop

The term “gadget” comes from the English language and means something like “technical gadget”.

Typically, gadgets often stand out due to their unusual design, thematically oriented presentation and unusual to eccentric functionality. However, modern and innovative smartphones, tablets and other devices are also called gadgets. Particularly popular at the moment are, for example, ring lights and Selfie lights for better Instagram photos or a clock that shows the number of followers you have. To get the status as a gadget, the device should have functions, tools and accessories – in short, all kinds of technical bells and whistles – that have not existed before and thus represent a real innovation and novelty.

Often gadgets are small, compact and good for on the go. However, a modern vacuum cleaner robot is also called a gadget, and it doesn’t fit easily into a trouser pocket. The “size” factor is thus rather relative. We also have many gadgets for cosplayers!

Thus, even larger tools and electrical appliances can be classified as gadgets – however, the innovative and smart character must always be present.

Welcome to EpicGadgets, your gadget shop – crazy gadgets, useful & useless gadgets, funny gift ideas, onesies & curious china trash & anime fashion. At EpicGadgets you’ll find everything… and much more!

We offer you an incredibly wide range of useful, trendy and of course EPIC gadgets for every area of life at incredible prices. Just have a look around, but don’t get lost in the huge product maze of our Gadget Shop 😉

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In addition, there are also an incredible number of gadgets in our gadget shop that are less useful than incredibly fun and make great gifts for Christmas or birthdays. Here, of course, the party gadgets are especially in the lead, in terms of the fun factor and the surprise effect. But also in most of the other categories you can always find funny gadgets whose main task is to make us and our fellow human beings smile.
Because especially in the household and in the office we sometimes get bored in view of the many routine tasks. When doing this work, appropriate gadgets can sweeten our everyday life. Are you in a gadget frenzy now too?
Of course, there are also different gadget categories for different people. For example, you can find gadgets for students, gadgets for women or men, and so on.
Gadgets, we are in a gadget frenzy - made really famous by James Bond
By the way, the practical and eccentric gadgets became really famous through the classic James Bond movies. For example, Sean Connery as James Bond almost certainly always had a ballpoint pen in his suit pocket that could pulverize a medium-sized semi-truck at the push of a button if necessary. Cigarettes shot off explosive or poisonous darts. The car came on its own and was also equipped with all sorts of gadgets - including an ejector seat and a conversion kid to a submarine. Speaking of submarines - there was also one in crocodile form, in which Roger Moore hid effectively in Octopussy.
Unforgettable the scenes with James Bond and Q in the inventors lab in the basement of MI6. Rolling Stine magazine even published a list of the best James Bond gadgets. Now in our gadget shop, get into the gadget frenzy!


Gadgets, of course, not only give us great pleasure, but they are also a particularly original gift idea!
You are looking for a personal gift for your graduation? Or Christmas is just around the corner and you can't think of anything original? Whether gifts for Christmas, birthday, wedding anniversary, as a party souvenir, to pass the driving test or whatever. With a funny gadget you will certainly make a big joy and provide in so many cases quite certainly for a really nice laughing success!
Make yourself or your loved ones happy with smart and useful gadgets. We carry an extensive range of all kinds of gadgets and are sure that you will find the right one for you. Have fun browsing!

Whether office gadgets, party gadgets, china gadgets, unicorn gadgets, garden gadgets, gamer gadgets, smartphone gadgets or whatever - with us everything is divided into four super categories, to be precise:
⎫ Buy Home & Office Gadgets
⎫ Outdoor Gadgets
⎫ Mobility Gadgets
⎫ Tech Gadgets
Each of these gadget categories then has several subcategories. Sorted in this clear way, you are guaranteed to find all the gadgets that interest you.
Maybe you don't even know what you're looking for yet. Never mind! Just browse through our categories and be surprised what you can buy!
In total you will find no less than 39 subcategories in the aforementioned four main categories.
Themed gadgets - not only for nerdy comic fans!
Often gadgets are also themed, so for example all sorts of things with the Marvel Super Hero motif. Unicorn gadgets are also particularly trendy at the moment. For example, you can give a particular room a theme - a fun option especially for the home office, kitchen gadgets, bathroom or kids room.

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