WHAT IS A GADGET? Germany Gadget Shop

The term “gadget” comes from the English language and means something like “technical gadget”.

Typically, gadgets often stand out for their unusual design, thematically oriented presentation and unusual to eccentric functionality. However, modern and innovative smartphones, tablets and other devices are also called gadgets. Particularly popular at the moment are, for example, also ring lights or Selfie lights for better Instagram photos or a clock that shows the number of your followers. To get the status as a gadget, the device should have functions, tools and accessories – in short, all kinds of technical bells and whistles – that have not existed before and thus represent a real innovation and novelty.

Often gadgets are small, compact and well suited for travel. However, a modern vacuum cleaner robot is also called a gadget, and it doesn’t easily fit in a pocket. The “size” factor is thus rather relative. We also have many gadgets for cosplayers!

Thus, even larger tools and electrical appliances can be classified as gadgets – however, the innovative and smart character must always be present.

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