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Kpop – Korean-Pop – has now successfully established itself in many parts of the world. And also in Germany, for example, the music television station Viva has been playing more and more K-Pop songs since mid-2010. The kpop wave received a real boost from the 2018 Winter Olympics, which were held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Because this was clearly accompanied by Kpop, which got attention because of it.
At the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 the song Toy by the Israeli singer Netta won, which had a clear Kpop influence.
The boygroup BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, had a huge success with their album Love Yourself: Tear. The album even reached #1 on the US Billboard 200, making BTS the first Korean band to make it to the top of the Billboard album charts and the first non-English language album in 12 years.
No wonder that there is a large amount of Kpop Merchandise – in short: Kpop Merch – to buy. We at Epic Games follow this trend and you can find a lot of great products of the Kpop culture here.
Here is a little bit of inspiration…

Kpop Merch – The best products

Kpop Merch - The best products
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Popular are of course Kpop Mech of the boy group Bangtan Boys (BTS). Here you can find appropriate T-shirts, also in a set with matching pants, round neck sweaters, tops, hoodies and much more. Everything is available for kids, ladies and gentlemen – in principle the whole family can dress up and come out as BTS fans!
These clothes are ideal for everyday life, holidays, lounging, hiking and much more, because they are super comfortable and casual.
If you want to go one step further, choose a BTS Bangtan Boys Kpop Mask for the face, made of 100% natural, soft cotton, comfortable to wear and also available for women, men and children.
Ideal for dust, wind and cold when you are on the road, sports, excursions, cycling and much more
Each Kpop group not only has cool clothes, but also lots of other merchandise. Great mugs, smartphone sleeves, stickers and much, much more.

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Also popular is Kpop Merch, which is not dedicated to a specific group, but to the genre as a whole. For example, how about a Keep Calm and Listen to K-Pop: K-Pop Designer Notebook? In paperback format with 120 pages a practical and stylish companion.
Also practical are of course Kpop Merch backpacks. These have various trendy prints and in many cases offer enough space for the notebook or laptop. But of course you should also pay attention to appropriate carrying comfort and not only Kpop design. The shoulder straps should be well padded and adjustable, especially if you want to pack the somewhat heavier laptop and some books and carry them on your back. It is also important to have a good canvas fabric that is durable and robust.
Of course, there are many different designs, colours and models, so everyone is sure to find the right one. This Kpop Merch is of course especially popular with students and young people.

students and young people.
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Clever are also the so-called wall tattoos, which are available for different bands, such as BTS, GOT7 and others. So you can decorate the walls of your room really cool. Advantage: If you have seen enough, the wall tattoos can be removed without leaving any residue. A nice present for the die-hard Kpop fan.
Also great are stickers to decorate cars, motorcycles, bicycle, skateboard, laptop MacBook, iPad and other devices
One should pay attention that the stickers are with sun protection and waterproof function, so that one has something of it for a long time, because on car, motorcycle, bicycle and Co. one has to count with all possible weather influences. High-quality stickers can be removed without leaving any residue, if this is done professionally.

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Before sticking the sticker on, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the sticker is firmly fixed.
Stylish and trendy are of course also all kinds of glasses, which are available in different materials, sizes and designs. Titanium is currently very popular because it is light and comfortable to wear.

Real BTS Bangtan Boys fans of course also stock up on magazines, CDs and similar things, because you clearly want to be up to date with all the news and also want to listen to your beloved music. Very trendy the Live Concert DVD!

Kpop Merch dvds
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You absolutely can’t get enough Kpop? Then get yourself some cutlery and crockery according to your preferences. Here you can find numerous Kpop Merch products in many different designs.
For those who like to be organized, an I Love Kpop 2019 Weekly Planner is the perfect solution. This helps you to organize the many activities you do in a cool way, so that you don’t forget anything!
The best thing to do is to have a look around our shop yourself, we hope we have inspired you!

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