Those who surf the internet and are also anime and manga fans will surely have come across the term Kawaii quite often, as the term Kawaii is mainly used in the areas of anime and manga. Kawaii is Japanese and means cute, adorable, sweet, adorable, nice and is mostly used in connection with for younger girls and dolls etc.. It can refer to objects as well as people and non-humans, which are somehow charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike. Examples for which the term is used include:

Kawaii Shop
Japan/ Kawaii Shop 5

cute handwriting
certain manga genres
Characters like Hello Kitty and Pikachu

From this downright cuteness culture has developed a kind of Japanese popular culture, which includes things like entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance etc..
Due to this ever-growing trend, companies like Sanrio came out with products like Hello Kitty. Recently Sanrio has again released new Kawaii characters with deeper personalities to reach a slightly older audience – Gudetama and Aggretsuko.
Hello Kitty was and is not only a resounding success in Japan, but also spilled over to the West. Nowadays you can find Hello Kitty accessories in almost every household with little and also bigger girls and women.
Everything that is somehow cute apparently appeals to a wide audience.

Popstars in the West vs. Japan

Japan the Kawaii culture
Japan/ Kawaii Shop 6

Interestingly enough, pop stars in the West tend to show their erotic side, while in Japan the Kawaii culture predominates. This means that many successful Japanese artists show their cute and rather childish side.
One example that has also made it to Germany is the metal band “Babymetal”. The three female members, namely Su-Metal, MoaMetal and YuiMetal, who sing sweet songs to hard metal sounds, like “Gimme chocolate!

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Kawaii smileys

The whole thing goes so far that there are now a lot of smileys in Kawaii style. Really cute, cuddly, harmless.

Kawaii Fashion

Kawaii Fashion
Japan/ Kawaii Shop 7

More and more girls in the West are adopting the girlie look of the Kawaii movement. Accordingly there are a lot of fashion items like clothes, jewelry, accessories in this style to buy. All Hello Kitty articles or merchandise with cute anime figures are always popular.
There is even a game – Kawaii Fashion – where you can style a girl in the Kawaii look yourself. You can try out all kinds of things, from colours, patterns, clothes etc..

Kawaii articles – the choice is almost unlimited

accessories and jewelry
Japan/ Kawaii Shop 8

Besides clothes, hair clips, accessories and jewelry, you can find pretty much everything with a Kawaii motif.
Popular for the household are of course Kawaii cups, cutlery, other dishes and other things that you can use or put on the shelf.
For little girls there are even wallpapers with Kawaii figures and of course lots of blankets, pillows, pictures and other things to decorate the room.
You can also sweeten the school for the girls with writing pad, notebook cover, ballpoint pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser, calendar and other things with Kawaii print – at least to a certain extent.
The matching Kawaii mobile phone cover, handbag and backpack is especially popular with girls.
And of course there are dolls and stuffed animals in every size, colour and motif. Whether as a small gift or as a massive design statement – something cuddly and soft simply cannot be missing in the room.
There are also plenty of party accessories for a successful girl party, from paper plates and plastic cups to piñata and party decorations.
And for those who still haven’t had enough, there are costumes for cosplay, Halloween and carnival.
Of course, we at Epic Games also have a wide range of great Kawaii items in our assortment!

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