In Japanese they are called Kigurumi, in English they are called Animal Onesies. Meant is of course always the same, so super comfortable, fluffy and fun costume overalls with animal and other motifs that offer an enormous fun factor.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the fluffy trend from Japan.

Learn all about the adorable trend from Japan!

Onesies & Kigurumis
All about Onesies & Kigurumis 20

Kigurumi: stuffed animals to wear

Kigurumi is a man-made word composed of the Japanese words “kiru” (=”wear”) and “nuigurumi” (=”stuffed animal”). So literally translated it means something like “dress-up stuffed animal”.

The name is appropriate, because these overalls (Onesies) not only look like a stuffed animal, but also feel just as cuddly and soft. In addition, the Kigurumis are super comfortable cut and the plush feel-good is guaranteed!

Kigurumi: trendy home and street wear

In Japan, the costume overalls have long been known and popular. Many young people are out on the streets wearing the plush overalls quite carefree and have become a familiar sight.

Of course, this also has to do with the fact that cosplay, manga and anime culture have always had a firm place in fashion in Japan.

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Gradually, however, the cuddly trend from Japan has also conquered the West. Many famous stars wear the cuddly things at home, in the club or simply on the street. From Cloë Moretz to Demi Moore and her family to Rumer Willis and Lily Allen, numerous celebs have been spotted and photographed wearing the fun onesies.

Always more comfortable than the glamorous outfits for the red carpet!

home and streetwear
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Animal party: Onesies and Kigurumis conquer clubs and festivals

Meanwhile, it’s not just celebrities and celebrities who feel this way, we all like to be comfortable from time to time. That’s why a lot of people are all about partying it up, literally, with a fun fleece Onesie. Which at first was mostly at cosplay conventions. Costume and theme parties was common, is now also quite n the normal party scene salonfähig. Instead of suffering in tight, uncomfortable mini-dresses and stilettos, some ladies are now lounging on the nightclub couch in comfy fleece kigurumis.

And at more and more festivals, whole hordes of cuddly cuddly toy people are spotted partying in Kigurumis.

Care instructions for the plush Onesies and Kigurumis

Of course you want to have something from your great Kigurumi for a long time. Therefore, you should follow some care instructions.

In general, the Kigurumis are usually suitable for washing in the washing machine. But of course you should always follow the care instructions on the label.

Generally, it is recommended to turn the Onesie inside out.

Although in principle you can use all detergents, you should rather use a mild detergent and also use a fabric softener. After all, the cuddly softness is the most important aspect of the kigurumi and you want to keep it as long as possible.

You should also not wash the animal onesies too hot, as this could damage the fleece.

It is also recommended to select the Gentle wash cycle.

After washing in the washing machine, the kigurumi can be dried in the dryer in the fresh air, although you should prefer the latter. However, it is better not to expose the kigurumi to direct sunlight to preserve the colors.

For the dryer, choose the “Air Dry” or “Fluff Air” setting as it is gentler.

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Generally, smaller stains should be removed by hand and as soon as they occur to avoid too frequent washing. You can use a little lukewarm water and a gentle soapy water for this.

Original Japanese Kigurumi at Epic Games

Original Japanese Kigurumi
All about Onesies & Kigurumis 22

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