Motorhomes are acknowledged to be real miracles of space and function. This means that you can now enjoy practically all the comforts of modern life in the smallest of spaces. Even in the camper you hardly have to do without anything. Especially the smart camper gadgets for camping help and offer ingenious solutions for all problems.

gadgets for camping
The best camper gadgets for camping 26

There is hardly anything that does not exist

Every camper has his personal favorite gadget. They range from practical tools to decorative storage and even a few fun things to make camping more fun.

Whether classic folding spades beyond, high-tech equipment or camping toilet buckets – there is nothing that does not exist.

Many of the gadgets are not only practical for the motorhome, but also for outdoor purposes.

The best camping gadgets motorhome

Most people love camper gadgets that help keep order in the camper. But also camping gadgets that make life easier for globetrotters are always in demand. We have put together a few good examples of motorhome and camping gadgets for you. In our category you will find of course so much more.

gadgets camper
The best camper gadgets for camping 27

Paper roll holder

Whether it’s toilet paper or kitchen roll. In a camper everything must be stowed in such a way that it is ready to hand first, but at the same time does not fly through the area or roll away when driving. That’s why there are practical and often funny paper roll holders for the motorhome.

Of course, it is best if these holders are not only functional, but also decorative.

Camping oven

If you don’t want to miss out on fresh baked goods in your motorhome, a camping oven is the absolute must-have motorhome gadget. These ovens are small and space-saving, yet fully functional. So you have the possibility to bake a cake, a delicious casserole in the oven or to bake fresh bread. Definitely one of the best camping gadgets for the pampered foodie.

Coffee grinder

There are people who put up with instant coffee while camping, but let’s face it, we’re all spoiled by now with high-quality coffee machines and Nespresso machines in our households and don’t want to do without these treats while on vacation.

So if you want a freshly ground espresso or coffee, the camping coffee grinder is a good choice.

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Simply buy a packet of fresh beans in the country of travel and then prepare them fresh every day. A real dream for any savvy frahling lover.

Macramé fruit basket

Macramé fruit basket
The best camper gadgets for camping 28

Even with the fruit basket, the issue in the RV is the matter of driving over bumpy roads and trails or a sudden brakeman. Because then, under certain circumstances, a normal fruit basket that you have on the table can shoot through the camper. The contents are then not only distributed in the camper, but the delicate fruit is damaged, gets dents and spoils. A fruit net or fruit basket made of macramé that you can hang up is therefore ideal. It simply swings the brakeman out without damaging the fruit. The strings are soft and gentle on the fruit. In addition, fresh air gets to the fruit and vegetables all around, which increases their shelf life. Your perfect RV gadget!

Travel washing machine

You can only take a limited number of clothes in the camper. Space is probably too tight to fit a proper washing machine. That’s where the practical travel washing machine comes in handy. Because always and forever looking for a laundromat and drag everything there and then wait until the laundry is ready, is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

The travel washing machine is small and compact. In addition, it consumes little power and is easy to store and connect.

Solar system

Solar system
The best camper gadgets for camping 29

For washing with the practical travel washing machine (see above), as well as for baking, charging mobile phones, listening to music and much, much more you need electricity. Alle3rdings you are not always on a campsite and can connect to the net. A solar system is therefore an insanely practical thing and should not be missing in any camper. And if you have a solar system, you may not even need to connect to the grid at the campsite. Because after only two months of not using electricity at the campsite, the solar system has already been refinanced.

In addition, a solar system also protects the environment – an absolutely ideal gadget!

Outdoor Gadgets Camper

As mentioned above, many RV gadgets double as good outdoor gadgets when traveling without a camper.

So these gadgets are a great thing no matter if you are traveling in a camper, tent, hiking trip or anywhere else.

Outdoor water filter

Not just for survival fans and doomsday preppers, an Out Door water filter is an absolute must. These special filters are compact and easy to store or take with you. They fit in the camper as well as in the backpack. In the blink of an eye, you can turn dirty puddles of water into clean drinking water. 99.9% of bacteria are filtered out by a good outdoor water filter. In this way, almost any water becomes drinkable – no matter whether it is a puddle, a small stream or a bathing lake.

Sink Bucket

Often the sinks in the camper are small and when camping you don’t have a sink at all. That’s where the sink bucket is a fine thing, because you can just set it outside, fill it with water, and do the dishes in one go. The bucket can then be easily stored afterwards to save space. Stop ideal for camping!

Mini Axe

No matter if you are travelling with a camper or just with a tent and a sleeping mat, a campfire is a must. However, you have to get firewood for it. Very few campers have room for giant axes. Therefore, the handy camping axe is a good alternative. A small and handy friend and helper that makes the romantic campfire possible.

Camping shower

Smaller motorhomes often do not have an integrated shower. In this case, a camping shower is the ideal gadget. The shower is connected via the cigarette lighter of the car or camper. You then simply place the submersible pump in the water and hook in the shower head. This is a great way to take a refreshing shower in the open air. After use, the camping shower is then simply stored again in the waterproof storage bag to save space.

Travel hammock

Travel hammock
The best camper gadgets for camping 30

There are few things more glorious than a midday nap in the hammock. Some people also love to spend the whole night in the hammock in the fresh air and under the canopy of leaves of a tree. The ultralight travel hammock makes this possible. It is made of parachute fabric and quickly hung.

Mobile bidet

If you are outdoors, you can expect that there is often no toilet nearby when you need it most. Plus, of course, the toilet paper thing isn’t so great in nature either. The new mobile bidet is the perfect solution for on the go and in principle anyway the cleanest form of butt cleaning – environmentally friendly and hygienic! And you save a huge amount of toilet paper, which also makes your wallet happy.

Tips on safety and emergency gadgets motorhome

And finally, you also have an emergency sometimes, which is why the following motorhome gadgets should not be missing in the equipment.

Portable car air pump

No matter how often and conscientiously you check the air pressure of your tyres, it still happens from time to time that the tyres lose air or that a nail has got stuck and you somehow want to get to the next petrol station or at least to a flat surface to change the tyres. In addition, you sometimes notice that the spare tire has also lost air. In short – you certainly need an air pump now and then for emergencies. This practical gadget is simply connected via the cigarette lighter and helps us out of our predicament quickly and easily.

Rear view camera

A rear view camera is worth its weight in gold, especially on large motorhomes. Modern models almost all have these fitted now, older models can be upgraded with these great motorhome gadgets.

This camera is really a real help. You save yourself bumps and hassles. In addition, you can also be sure that you don’t accidentally hit a person standing in the blind spot behind the camper. By the way, this particularly affects children, who are easily overlooked. An absolutely worthwhile investment!

Battery Power Pack Jump Start

Who doesn’t know that? The battery is dead and because you like to free-stand, you don’t have a friendly helper nearby to bypass the camper. This is where the battery power pack helps in a pinch. Because if you don’t have a neighbour nearby who can give you a jump start, the battery power pack will start your camper up again in no time at all. You’re just jump-starting yourself. A handy RV gadget for a not-so-rare emergency situation.

Conclusion – Motorhome Gadgets

There is a huge range of practical motorhome gadgets. These camping gadgets actually make life a lot easier and are well worth the purchase.

In our category motorhome gadgets you will surely find what you are looking for – just have a look around!