YouTubers are all the rage, especially among teens. And of course there are famous YouTubers in all areas, whether sports, music, technology, beauty, etc.. No wonder that you now also come across more and more YouTuber merch.

However, each YouTuber has their very own strategy of marketing. Some have their own shop and advertise it on their channel, others distribute the merchandise

ach YouTuber has a different strategy regarding merchandise. What works also depends on the audience. However, there are some general principles that apply to all channels.

YouTuber Merch
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Checking whether merchandise articles would be worthwhile

You don’t have to reach a certain number of subscribers or a certain amount of playback time to sell merchandise. Just analyze your channel and brand and see if it would be worth it for you. You should keep the following things in mind:

Assess the strength of your brand: The number of searches with your brand or channel name are a good indicator of your brand awareness.

Measuring audience loyalty: The number of subscribers is not the decisive factor. It’s more about how active your audience is. Do people regularly rate, comment, and share your videos as “likes”? Do viewers interact with your community posts?

Set your goals for merchandise: You should consider how much financial and personal support you need. Do you want to reach a certain turnover every month? Are you happy when your fans represent you in public?

An important factor is how much your viewers identify with you and your channel. When viewers see themselves as part of a community, they are more likely to be interested in merchandise from the YouTuber in question.


With a simple search on the internet, you can find out where else your brand and channel can be found.

You can see the most frequent search queries in the access source report in the results for search terms.

With Google Trends, you can check how much attention your channel is getting.

You can also register your trademark or secure a domain name if necessary.

Create individual merchandise articles

Merchandise articles
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Merchandise articles are quite individual. So you should offer fans something that suits you and your channel. Are there jokes, memes, or certain sayings that your community instantly associates with you? Is one of your videos particularly popular with fans? Think about what types of merchandise would be a must-have. You should keep the following points in mind:

Pay attention to relevance: You should find out in advance if there is a market for your merchandise. You can also ask yourself what your audience wants and if the articles are individual.

Take it slow: Get an idea of how well your merchandise is going over with your audience. What kind of merchandise could you offer and how long would they be available before you expand your offerings?

Stay focused: Publish new articles one at a time. You can ask your viewers about their wishes via polls in info cards or community posts.

Choose a special occasion: For example, you could release merchandise when you reach a certain number of subscribers or a certain milestone.

Many YouTubers are successful in selling their merchandise when they have a strong connection with their viewers and are confident in their brand itself. Merchandise is all about passion in addition to revenue for your channel.

YouTuber stuff from Dagi Bee, Bibi & Co.

Whether it’s T-shirts, caps, books or cosmetics – YouTubers earn their money not only through the advertising in front of their videos and the cooperations with manufacturers. Also own products, such as T-shirts with slogans or specially created perfumes bring the YouTuber more awareness and money. We present you the latest products from Bibi, Dagi Bee & Co.

Dagi Bee, Bibi & Co.
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Dagi Bee: Will there be permanent shops from her soon?

Dagi Bee’s pop-up store tour is a huge success! The fans are clamoring for their merchandise and of course go completely nuts when they even get to meet Dagi on the spot. So the question is justified: Will there ever be a permanent Dagi shop with her stuff? She says to “We haven’t planned anything yet, but we’ll see how the tour goes and how the feedback is and maybe something will come. Let’s see, we’ll be surprised!” That doesn’t sound like a very clear no. 😉

Dagi Bees pop-up store
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Good news for all Mrs Bella fans: the beauty YouTuber has entered into a cooperation with bh cosmetics and will soon release her first own eyeshadow palette. “I can finally announce that I am the first German YouTuber to create her own highlighter and eyeshadow palette with bh cosmetics. I can’t tell you how proud I am to see this dream come true.”