Why order gadgets from China?

Some people might ask themselves what a China Gadget is - you hear this term quite often at the moment, especially when you browse around in an online shop for gadgets.
In principle, a China gadget is simply a gadget that comes from China.
Now, you can argue that most gadgets have a little "Made in China" printed on them, meaning the majority of gadgets come from China anyway. So why have your own name?
When people talk about China gadgets, they are usually talking about gadgets that are imported DIRECTLY from China, meaning there is no middleman. The trend is relatively young and is becoming increasingly popular among gadget fans.
Why order the gadgets from China at all?
There are several reasons to order China gadgets. On the one hand, there is of course the enormous savings potential. An everyday life without articles from China is practically unimaginable, so why not order directly and save money for sure? By ordering directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler in China, you avoid the expensive middleman or paying for brand names. The savings potential is so great that even the shipping costs do not change anything!
On the other hand, it is possible to discover the latest trends even before they reach Germany via the intermediary trade. So if you like to keep your nose in front, you're into China gadgets! Besides, China is far away, and not just geographically. Culturally, there are also huge differences, and so you can find really incredibly exotic, fun and completely novel gadgets.
Since the shipping from China of course takes a little longer, a great anticipation builds up with the China Gadgets fans and it also often comes to a surprise effect, when now which article arrives. Unwrapping then always has a bit of a Christmas feel to it, when you finally get to unwrap that long-awaited present.

Can you just order from China?

Basically yes, however you usually need a PayPal account. Patience is also required, as delivery understandably takes a little longer. So if you absolutely need a last minute gift, China gadgets are not for you. In principle, yes! However, there are a few limitations here as well. Very often a PayPal account is required. You should also bring a little time with you! Orders from China will of course take a little longer! (more about this under payment and shipping) But otherwise, thanks to the Internet, there are hardly any limits today.
If you are concerned about legal aspects, rest assured, of course you are allowed to order from China. However, the products must of course be legal in their own country. So, logically, you can't order narcotics that you found from some obscure dealer on the internet in China and then assume that they can be imported.
The eternal question: China gadgets - cheap or cheap?
The label "Made in China" has long been associated with a negative image and often still is. Because one associates with it first of all inferior cheap goods.
However, more and more people are realizing that you can't lump everything together. Because many brand manufacturers also have their products made in China and have the notorious "2Made in China" on their labels. In addition, China has developed greatly in recent years and products have become increasingly better and more innovative. The times when products from China were exclusively cheap imitations and inferior disposable products are slowly coming to an end.
This means that you can now buy good quality technical products at a very good price in China.
As far as funny gadgets go, you honestly hardly expect an incredibly sturdy, durable, and high-quality product. The gadget is supposed to be a laugh riot, bring fun into the grey everyday life or really heat up a party - just to name a few examples. No one expects these types of gadgets to last a lifetime. And this also has the advantage that if a China gadget actually turns out to be a flop, the loss of money is very small.
Shipping from China - patience is paramount, cost is not an issue
Interestingly, shipping from China is even free in many cases. The retailers simply passed the cost onto the products and since huge quantities are sold, the profit is in the masses. In addition, retailers very often have special contracts with postal companies and can thus send their items very cheaply. However, this often results in somewhat longer delivery times. The long waiting time is thus sweetened with the savings potential. And that you have to wait a long time is clear, because after all, the China gadgets have to be shipped halfway around the world. Therefore, the average shipping time is also about 20 days. It can go faster, but possibly also slower - so you have to be patient.
What about customs?
The good news is that, in principle, no customs duties are levied on goods worth up to €22. However, if the value of the goods exceeds 22€ and customs "collect" the package, then the so-called import sales tax is incurred. This is currently 19% for almost all items. For items over 150 euros, customs duties must then be paid in addition. But let's be honest, most China gadgets don't come to such sums.
Do the China gadgets arrive intact?
The gadgets are usually packed very well and safely for their long journey halfway around the world. Therefore, one should not worry too much in this regard.
So most China gadgets are sent in very secure bubble envelopes and often, depending on the fragility, also wrapped with bubble wrap. Sometimes it also happens that retailers take the products out of their original packaging and repackage them - but just as securely - due to space constraints.
Are there any risks in ordering China gadgets?
Basically, there is no greater risk when ordering from China than when ordering from other online shops. The biggest risk may be not getting a product. If this should be the unlikely case, then one enjoys with the purchase over eBay and PayPal fortunately first the additional buyer protection. No merchant wants to be discredited because they rely on good reviews on PayPal and eBay. In general, we advise you to take a look at the reviews of the dealer anyway, so you get an impression of the seriousness.
Usually the Chinese dealers are extremely friendly and accommodating, typically much more so than German dealers. If something doesn't work out, contacting us by email and in English usually works completely smoothly - so you really don't have to be afraid!
China Gadgets Conclusion
China gadgets are incredibly versatile and you often get the very latest trends in the gadget world by ordering directly from China. So if you want something really original, this is the place to go.
In addition, the China gadgets have an enormous savings potential, since the expensive intermediate trade is omitted. Even the shipping costs don't matter, even though the gadgets have to make a trip halfway around the world. Also with the customs one has normally no problems. The one thing you absolutely have to bring, though, is patience. Because over-night really doesn't work here by any stretch of the imagination.
Our tip? Definitely try it out for yourself!