The coolest cosplays

Cosplay is crazy fun and has a lot of followers. At the latest since the hit series The Big Bang Theory, it's all clear that real nerds, geeks and comic fans have a blast dressing up as their comic or movie heroes, especially at comic conventions (COMICON) or movie premieres or special Movie Nights, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.. But Halloween parties and theme parties are also welcome occasions to get the great costumes out of the closet.
In addition to the actual costumes, there are also plenty of additional gadgets to complete the outfit.
Where does cosplay come from and what exactly is it?
Cosplay is short for the English term "Costume Play" and interestingly enough originates from Japan. It is, in fact, a fan practice that took hold in the US and Europe as part of the manga and anime boom that took place in the 1990s.
Cosplay is the process of portraying a character - from manga, anime, comic, film or video game - as faithfully as possible through costume, gadgets and behaviour.
The real professional cosplayers put in a lot of effort with a lot of attention to detail when it comes to costumes, accessories, masks and make-up.
Cosplay is kind of an end in itself, because just dressing up, looking for original accessories, and then roleplaying among like-minded people is reward enough. However, conventions typically have contests for the most original costume, of course.
Accordingly, there are also some cosplayers who have generated a source of income from the hobby. As such, many savvy cosplay fans now offer homemade and incredibly creative and expertly crafted costumes for sale or rent.
Where does cosplay take place?
If you really want to get into the cosplay scene, you will find special fan meetings and comic conventions in Germany, but also gaming events, such as Gamescom.
GamesCom even actually has its own Cosplay Village, where you can spend great hours with like-minded people.
In really real cosplay competitions of the anime/manga scene, cosplayers can perform a short piece. Some sing the theme song of a certain series or movie, others speak a monologue or perform a corresponding scene. The latter is especially useful if you are performing as a group rather than solo.

The judging panel for one of these contests is typically made up of special guests, celebrities, magazine editors, and other cosplayers.
It is common for there to be different categories, for example:
⎫ similarity of the figure with the original
⎫ Costume type/manufacture
⎫ Presentation of the character
⎫ Audience reaction
⎫ Best Make-Up
⎫ Etc.
Since 2007 even the German Cosplay Championship takes place in Germany. Other major cosplay events include:
⎫ the DoKomi in Düsseldorf
⎫ the Connichi in Kassel
⎫ the German Comic Con in Dortmund/Berlin/Frankfurt, modelled on the great Comic Con International in San Diego.
⎫ Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart
One thing is certain, cosplay has cult status and has nothing to do with normal dressing up, such as for carnival or Halloween!

Buy cosplay or make it yourself?

Of course you can buy a lot of great cosplay costumes now. Especially for beginners, this can be the best option to get you started. Because there are really high quality, original and detailed costumes at affordable prices. For example, you can go to your first Comicon relatively unobtrusively and get a feel.
However, the real fans and Comicon pros usually start putting together their own costumes at some point for greater originality. Here one buys then possibly some accessories and possibly parts of the costume and arranges these freely and manufactures possibly parts of the outfit itself.
For example, all kinds of contact lenses are generally popular, with which you can even conjure up reptiles or cat eyes. As well as artificial latex parts as part of the almost professional make-up, artificial eyelashes, Spock ears, vampire teeth, and much more. Also wigs, for example for Avatar figures, Princess Leia, Joker etc. are a smart accessory.
The love of crafting and creating is also a reason for many fans. Cutting, cutting, gluing, painting, embroidering, sewing, finding and implementing creative solutions to your heart's content - many people have a blast doing this.
And when you hold the finished product in your hands afterwards, or even admire yourself in the mirror with the costume, then the pride and satisfaction is great.
The crafting and making of the costumes can almost have a meditative and relaxing character, an activity that many enjoy and appreciate in our stressful times.
Of course, the whole thing is much more fun in a group, which is why many cosplay fans get together and create their costumes together. Often you borrow each other's gadgets and costumes, give each other tips, and chat about the theme, the last Comicon, or whatever while you're crafting and sewing.
All in all, cosplay is somehow always a creative process and the joy of designing, trying things out and being creative should be in the foreground.
Sci-Fi Cosplay
As already mentioned, there is cosplay for many characters from comics, film, television and video games. Sci-fi cosplay is particularly well known. There are practically no limits, because the movies, comics, video games and series have countless characters, heroes and personalities - and not only humanoids, but also all sorts of things like aliens, lizard-like creatures, robots, etc.
The clear focus here is on technology - and you can see that in the typical cosplay gadgets. A real classic is certainly the Light Saber from Star Wars. Darth Vader masks with as many LEDs and other tech bells and whistles as possible are also always a popular option. At every convention, sooner or later, you also run into a few Storm Troopers, Yoda, Chewbacca, R2D2 and C-3PO - just to name a few classics.
Accessories like Wars First Order Battle Staff, Jedi Order Logo Star Wars Pendant Necklace and The Last Jedi Rose Tico's Prop Replica Resistance Ring are also great additions to the costume.
The television series Star Trek, along with its associated films, is of course also incredibly rich. So you're guaranteed to run into an elaborately disguised and made-up Commander Spock, a dashing Captain James Tiberius Kirk, the popular Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Lt. Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Lieutenant Uhura, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu or Pavel Andreievich Chekov at some point.
But of course there are not only movies like Star Wars - which admittedly have cult status - but also comic and video games from the Sci-Fi area. X-Men, for example, is also a perennial favorite. Halo, Fortnite, Warcraft and CO. also give good inspiration great cosplay costumes and gadgets.
Harry Potter Cosplay
Of course, Harry Potter fans don't let themselves be left behind and there is also a large amount of great costumes, cosplay gadgets and accessories of all kinds. Whether Harry Potter glasses, wand, Nimbus 2000, Gryffindor scarf, Quidditch accessories or other details, even as a Harry Potter fan you can style and detail the heroes.
Of course, not only are the main characters recreated, but other roles as well, such as Luna Lovegood, Lord Voldemort, Rubeus Hagrid, Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, and even the owl Hedwig.
Marvel Cosplay
Another good example of sheer endless options of cosplay is the Marvel theme. Popular are gadgets and costumes for Superman, Spiderman, Thor, Loki, Captain America, Catwoman, Batman, Iron Man, Ant Man, Black Panther and many, many other heroes and anti-heroes. There are beautiful and deceivingly real looking Thor Hammer, Captain America shields,
Conclusion about cosplay and costumes
Cosplay is really fun and also very creative. It's nice to get together in groups and design, create and make cosplay costumes together. There are complete costumes to buy, of course, or you can get great gadgets - often very techy - that you can use to make your look professional.
There are no limits to the imagination. There are an incredible number of characters, personalities, etc., from film, television, video games and comics, so that really everyone can find their niche!
Of course YOU will find a lot of great costumes, accessories and cosplay gadgets in our shop - have fun browsing through our rich assortment!