We all love parties and of course want to have so much fun. We like to go to well organized parties with lots of details and of course we don't want to let ourselves down as hosts either. Besides the basic thoughts like options for food and drink, as well as music offerings, more and more thoughtful hosts are thinking about theme of the party, fun gadgets and novelty items, lovely details to get the food and drink among the guests, party decorations and much more. And this is where the now ever-popular party gadgets come into play. Because if you want to throw a smart party, you can hardly get around these nice little things!
What exactly are party gadgets
The term gadget comes from the English language and refers to either technical gadgetry, or pretty much anything that is shiny, flashy, fun and snazzy. Often party gadgets e.g. give music or sounds of itself, are a little sexy and have also often enough to do with alcohol. In short, party gadgets usually lift the mood and provide for laughs and conversation.
Party gadgets, like all other gadgets, can serve different functions. Some are just for fooling around, some are for wearing like hats or colored contact lenses, some actually have a use like a popcorn machine.
Party gadgets as a gift idea
By the way, party gadgets are also very popular gifts for the host. So instead of the typical and rather hackneyed bottle of wine, why not give a sexy corkscrew, a party hat, a bottle opener in the form of a crown cork slingshot or something similar.
Party gadgets for party games to lighten the mood
Sometimes at a party you'd like to break the ice. Maybe not all guests know each other and it is a bit stiff at the beginning. Various party games are a great way to get the party started. Drinking games that you can incorporate fun party gadgets into are especially popular. Funny shot glasses, drinking helmets and similar items are great for this.
Party gadgets especially for carnival
Of course, there are also special party gadgets for different occasions. Special carnival gadgets are popular at the time of fools. This already starts with an appropriate ring tone for the mobile phone - it doesn't only belong on the unsuspecting smartphone of the true Cologne boy or girl.
If that's not enough for you, you can purchase a karaoke microphone to replace the bulky karaoke machine you used to know. Simply connect it to your iPod or MP3 player and sing along to fun carnival music. Of course, the karaoke microphone can be used outside of the fifth season as well, so this party gadget will provide fun and excitement all year round.
If at the carnival party the beer sticks out of loud singing and the foam is lost, the great beer frother helps quickly and easily. The beer looks tasty and fresh again and, above all, tastes like it has just been tapped. However, the trick can not be done too often with the same beer, because after a while the taste already suffers.
A great thing for the carnival party is also the glass marker. Because often the party guests are desperately looking for their glass or have to use a new one because the old one got lost in the hustle and bustle.
Another problem at parties is that you often don't have a hand free for other things, because you don't want to put the glass away. That's where the peppy sweater with cup holder really comes in handy. This practical party sweater has a pocket in the front, where the thirsty fools can comfortably "put down" their beer. So you have your hand free for your mobile phone, cigarettes or a paper plate with potato salad.
Oktoberfest Gadgets
There are also numerous suitable party gadgets for the famous Oktoberfest. Some are actually practical, others are mainly funny.
There are walkie-talkies in the form of watches, for example, which can be used to stay in touch or to find each other again if you lose sight of each other in the hustle and bustle. This is especially handy since the phone may not have reception or the battery may be dead. With these walkie-talkies you stay traceable - if you really want to.
The idea is really good, but you should be careful to buy a good quality, because toy devices have a poor reception and often do not really help. However, for a visit to the Wiesn, a range of 4-5 kilometers is quite sufficient, which is why these radios are not expensive.
Another popular gadget is a blood alcohol level measurement app for smartphones. Just plug the accessory into your phone and blow into it. However, we would like to warn you clearly that you will at best get a clue, but not a really 100% reliable test result. The bottom line here is more about the laugh track. Most Wiesn visitors should rather take a taxi at the end or be picked up by a sober person, because with one Maß they have already exceeded the allowed amount of alcohol anyway. However, this Oktoberfest gadget is always fun!
Another useful party gadget for Oktoberfest, but of course also for other occasions, is a GPS tracking system. This can be used for children as well as for bicycles or other things. The device helps one to locate the lost person or stolen item. Of course, the accuracy of the result depends on the quality of the gadget purchased.

Buy funny gadgets

Especially popular - spicy party gadgets for men's nights out
And then finally there are the spicier party gadgets, which are especially popular for guys' nights out, bachelor parties and similar occasions.
With these teasing gadgets, you can turn your home into a wacky bar and have an upbeat evening at home, without liquor checks and huge bar bills.
For mixing cool drinks, there are of course plenty of gadgets and fun accessories.
How about a skull in Tequila Sunrise, a brain in Gin Tonic or naked women in Sex on the Beach? This is very easy with special ice cube makers. With this party gadget you will become an absolute hero!
A real must for successful men's evenings: Themed ice cubes. Especially popular are of course the sexy female bodies. Simply pour the water into the preparer the day before. Of course, it's even more awesome if you take something colored, because then you can see the great ice cube much better.
As already mentioned above, there are the great ice cube makers with many different figures and shapes, so that certainly for every taste the right thing to find.
The drink gun is also popular. This is filled with the drink of choice and then sprayed directly into the mouths of the merry guests.
At a real men's evening, of course, you want to open the bottles in style and smartly. The best way to do this is with a corkscrew in the shape of a seductive woman - a real corkscrew! This one raises her arms. Turn that pretty head and don't give in until the wine bottle is open. This gadget looks really great and causes a stir.
Smart party gadgets for the stylish girls' night out
What is right for the gentlemen is only cheap for the ladies. The girls also want to get their money's worth during their evening among women. Besides special question games to really push the gossip, there are also nice things like special girls night out face masks and the like.
As for the special game for the evening among girls, entertaining game with more than 400 funny, daring, crazy and unexpected questions are currently in vogue. There can be relentless unpacking about the damn ex and his new flame, the latest gossip and gossip exchanged, crazy memories and secrets reveal, about celebrities and their latest scandals discussed and long and extensively talked about sex. This party fun is guaranteed to set the mood and you always get to know each other a little better.
Also popular are special glasses for the shots, which should not be missing in any case. There are also great ice cube makers and gadgets in men's form for the girls.
A funny gift is of course also the emergency chocolate, if the hostess is possibly just in the relationship stress or from the everyday life so really annoyed. The Anti Bitch Spray is also funny, because sometimes it's best to smile at yourself!
Conclusion about the party gadgets
Party gadgets are a great addition to any celebration. Whether birthday party, bachelor party, men's evening, women's evening, Oktoberfest, carnival or whatever - there are funny but also quite practical things to discover for every occasion. Just rummage around in our online shop - you will be amazed at what is available!








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