A puking unicorn?

Unicorns and with them the so-called unicorn gadgets are booming at the moment - wherever you look. In the meantime, it's no longer just little girls who go for the mythical creatures.
So whether you want to decorate the room of a unicorn-obsessed teen girl, are looking for a pop gift for unicorn friends or want to make a successful surprise for your sweetheart - with a unicorn gadget you are usually right!
Fascination Unicorn Gadgets
One thing is for sure: when it comes to cuteness, unicorns are hard to beat. They are magical, mysterious and simply enchanting!
Hardly any woman or girl can resist the charm of unicorns. This may also have something to do with the fact that women and girls are often horse lovers too - and unicorns belong with horses! SO a particularly peppy gadget is also a horn that you can strap to the horse's headpiece. This is a simple way for horse owners to get a ride on the magical mythical creature - of course, the effect is best on the pure white horse.
The product variety of unicorn items proves to be absolutely fascinating. Because there is practically nothing that does not exist. The creative minds have really let off steam here!
So there are unicorn gadgets of the following categories:
⎫ Unicorn Clothing & Shoes
⎫ Unicorn laundry and household
⎫ Unicorn Drugstore & Beauty
⎫ Living & Decorating with Unicorns
⎫ Baking & Food with Unicorns
⎫ Unicorns for Fun & Party
⎫ Leisure & Party Gadgets with Unicorns
⎫ Unicorn Stationery
Interesting facts about unicorns
Here we have gathered some interesting facts about unicorns that explain a bit why they fascinate us so much.
⎫ Unicorns radiate love the unicorn is the symbol of pure love (see also unicorn and virgins). Unicorns have a pure heart and love everything and everyone. Their declared goal is to bring love and harmony into the world.
Unicorn or rhinoceros?
The adventurer Marco Polo thought he saw some, but it was only rhinos.
Unicorns fart rainbows Unicorns are said to fart rainbows. It is even said to be fairy dust.
⎫ Unicorns bring peace It is said that the fearless conqueror Genghis Khan refrained from an invasion of India because he had previously encountered a unicorn. And unicorns have always been a symbol of peace.
⎫ Royal blood There are two unicorns in the coat of arms of Scotland. They hold their flags high and stand on their hind legs. In between, the Scottish crown is displayed on the head of a knight's helmet.
⎫ Virgins and unicorns The great artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci is said to have made the statement that a unicorn could be caught with the help of a virgin. However, I don't think anyone seriously tried that then.
⎫ Hunting unicorns is allowed in Michigan In the US state of Michigan, a law has actually been in effect since 1971 that allows the hunting of unicorns. However, you have to get a permit from the relevant authority, which I don't think anyone has seriously done yet.
⎫ Unicorns also exist under water Although the narwhal is not a swimming unicorn, the poor animal has often been caught and killed. And for the sake of his horn, which is then sold as a copy of a unicorn horn.
⎫ Unicorns are magical Some attribute magical healing properties to the unicorn. Others explain that the grated horn of the unicorn is a powerful antidote.
⎫ The home of the unicorn The original home of the unicorn is said to be in India, but nothing is known for sure.
⎫ Attacking Unicorns When the fur of unicorns begins to glisten, you should put your feet up and take to your heels, because supposedly an attack is imminent.

Rainbow unicorns

What should you look for when buying?
There are quite some differences in terms of quality, functionality, etc.. Therefore, we tell you here what you should look for when buying unicorn gadgets. Because not only the price should influence your purchase decision.
First of all, you should of course think about the area of application before buying. Because no matter how good a unicorn gadget looks, if you can't use it afterwards and it just sits around collecting dust, then you've thrown your money out the window.
So read the product features carefully and calmly. Because that way you can see if the unicorn gadget is suitable for you or not. In the latter case, you don't have to despair, because there is a huge selection of great unicorn gadgets these days, so everyone can find the right one for them.
We also always advise reading reviews from other customers, because these are people like you and me giving honest and disinterested opinions about the product. Because the manufacturer will naturally only praise the product he produces or distributes in the highest possible terms. So love to consult the neutral opinion of other customers!
Also important to consider is whether you will need to transport the unicorn gadget a lot. In this case, the gadget should not be too bulky and also easy to transport. So pay attention to the weight, mass and whether the product can easily break.
We point out in connection with the unicorn gadgets therefore because very many of the gadgets encourage to go. E.g. drink holder for the pool, swimming hoops, games, etc.
In general, you can also like to browse on test portals before buying, because here the unicorn gadgets are put through their paces and you can get a good idea of the quality and usefulness.
With us you will find a wide selection of great unicorn gadgets for every need and in every price range. Online, gadgets are generally much cheaper than in normal local stores. It's not for nothing that around 47 million Germans buy online every year!
Unicorn Gadgets Checklist
⎫ Pay attention to the price and also compare it quietly with other options.
⎫ What do other customers who already have the unicorn gadget write?
⎫ How does the product perform on test portals?
⎫ What about customer service if something goes wrong with the order or delivery?
⎫ What about the warranty?
Examples of unicorn gadgets
First, of course, there are lots of unicorn clothes, often equipped with LED lights and plenty of glitter, because what is a real unicorn needs the colors of the rainbow and plenty of magical glitter stuff.
Popular, of course, is the unicorn bedding, plus the magical unicorn hot water bottle. After showering, you can rub yourself down with the unicorn bath towel and wrap yourself in the unicorn bathrobe. Then it's back to bed with the unicorn pyjamas. If you don't fart fairy dust by then, you're beyond help.
Speaking of bed - there are of course also unicorn condoms with which you can give your sweetheart a very special treat.
In the bathroom, in addition to unicorn bath towel, bathrobe, shower curtain and shampoo, you can also use unicorn toilet paper.
The real unicorn freak has of course some furnishings and decorative details with unicorn motif. Whether unicorn doormat, coffee mug or unicorn lamp - there is a huge selection of digen for the magical home.
There is also a huge selection of gadgets for unicorn parties, as well as gadgets for that very special unicorn pool party.
Great unicorn gadgets in our online shop
If you have now really got a taste for unicorns or are looking for great gift ideas for unicorn fans, then YOU should browse our online shop. Because we have a huge selection of great and inexpensive unicorn gadgets for every occasion and for every taste!








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