We all love gadgets. There are smart articles for practically every area of life – and of course also for home & office.

Gadget (English for gadget) is the term used to describe technical gadgets or sometimes knick-knacks. Typically, gadgets are tools or gadgets with a rather unusual, previously unknown functionality or design. Gadgets are usually small and designed to be taken along. The fun factor of a gadget is also very important. So many gadgets may not even be that functional, but are a lot of fun for the user. By the way, the Duden defines gadget as “small, sophisticated technical object”. Gadgets are especially good as original and funny gifts.


3in1 Multi-USB Charging Cable Type C


Das 3in1 Multi-USB-Ladekabel vom Typ C - Stilvoll und praktisch, um alle Ihre Geräte gleichzeitig aufzuladen.

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Rechargeable 3D Print Moon Lamp


Erwecken Sie Ihre Räume zum Leben mit der aufladbaren 3D-Druck-Mondlampe.


RC foldable selfie drone with 4K double camera, 50x zoom and WiFi


Die Trendsetter der Modewelt können nun mit unserer faltbaren Selfie-Drohne im RC-Stil die schönsten Momente in gestochen scharfem 4K aufnehmen––mit 50-fachem Zoom und sofortiger WiFi-Verbindung.

873533926 1

Chic 360 Degree Lazy Neck Phone Mount Bracket


Genießen Sie absolute Freiheit und Komfort mit dem schicken 360-Grad-Hals-Handyhalter - Perfekt für unterwegs!

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Funny Mini Drone Facial Expression Helicopter Toys for Kids


Lustige Mini-Drohnen-Gesichtsausdruck-Hubschrauber-Spielzeuge für Kinder - der perfekte Modetrend für kleine Piloten!

1143253079 1

Portable Mini USB LED Fan with a Time Display


Der tragbare Mini-USB-LED-Ventilator mit Zeitangabe: Ein cooler Begleiter mit praktischem Zeitdisplay für unterwegs!


Luminous LED Fidget Spinner Stress Relief Toy


Ein leuchtender LED Fidget Spinner als stylishes Stressabbau-Spielzeug.


Magic Array Qi Wireless Charger for Iphone 8, X, XR, XS, 11 Pro Max


Die magische Array Qi Wireless Charger für iPhone 8, X, XR, XS und 11 Pro Max: Stilvoll aufladen mit einem Hauch von Magie!



Gadgets are not always technical gadgets, they can also be useful tools that make our work easier, or a fun toy, a nifty idea or even a party gag.

The average nerd, as everyone has long suspected, spends up to 90% of their time at work or at home. In many cases, the modern nerd combines home and office and doesn’t go out in the sun at all. So it’s no wonder that there’s a huge variety of smart gadgets in this category in particular.

Whether it’s laundry folders from the Big Bang Theory series or a coffee mug shaped like a camera lens, wacky shower curtains and doormats, the list is long and never complete, because gadgets are invented faster than you can keep up with writing.


One insanely popular gadget category is robots of all kinds that promise to take housework off the hands of desperate people. And what single person wouldn't rather go to the bar on the corner instead of vacuuming the apartment? The other day a desperate woman even exclaimed, who needs a husband? I preferred an iRobot! This gadget vacuums the entire apartment single-handedly. The most sophisticated gadget of its kind lays out a map of the home (using futuristic laser technology) and can then be sent off via an app in the smartphone to vacuum a specific room, or even spot in the room. Sensors prevent the thing from falling down the stairs or bumping furniture too hard. Careful, not all pets have the nerve for this.
Not only is there a Robocop, but there's also a Robo-Mop that single-handedly mops the floor. And of course, a clever inventor has also invented a robot for cleaning windows. However, it must be said that these types of gadgets tend to be more expensive, but really make life easier.
For the kitchen there are of course also countless smart helpers, how about a vegetable spaghetti cutter for the motivated vegan? Because honestly - how on earth are you supposed to make your own vegetable spaghetti?
Practical things like silicone lids for open yogurts, opened cans, bowls of leftovers that you'd like to warm up late at night are also only lifted at first glance. On closer inspection, even the last sceptic realises that someone has made a groundbreaking discovery here, because the clever things even cover a beer glass in an airtight and watertight manner - and that really is a life-saving thing, isn't it?
Howling housewives have also been dreaming of the onion cutter, which makes it possible to chop onions without tears, since the 50s.
Totally awesome then of course are gadgets with a name like Sushi Bazooka that makes sushi rolling child's play.
Coffee cups with cookie trays and the like are of course more of a gag than a real helper in the kitchen - but fun nonetheless.
Fabulous office gadgets
In the category office gadgets it is in the rarest cases really about devices which should make the work easier and faster, but rather about things which should lift the mood of oneself or the worthy colleagues. Because how else could you be productive in the office 40 hours a week? Office gadgets thus indirectly boost morale and ultimately sales, or profits.
Not everything here is really to be taken seriously, for example, what to make of a self-stirring coffee cup?
Or an unbelievably original construction, with which any object can be converted into a PC mouse, for example also the banana brought along for the second breakfast around 10am.
If you're tired of even exchanging a word with your colleagues, you can get the handy Facebook stamps. Just put a like or dislike stamp on the paper accordingly.
However, the USB mini vacuum cleaner for cleaning the keyboard is practical, because let's face it, we've all eaten a sandwich, an organic, vegan and fair-trade oat biscuit or a bag of crisps at work and the entire keyboard is covered in crumbs. So before the boss can go off on his next rant, the smart USB vacuum cleaner helps clean up the mess and the tracks.
Gadgets for everyone
Of course, there are also gender-specific gadgets for men and women, or gadgets specifically for students. For particularly nerdy types, there are corresponding nerd gadgets that put the icing on the cake.
Because nerd gadgets often combine nerdy gadgets in themselves with typical nerd themes. So there are cups with 42 - the answer to the question of life, the universe and all the rest. If you don't know what's meant, you have a real gap in your education and should run to the nearest bookstore and get a copy of the cult book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - or download the digital version to your Kindle (also a good gadget).
A "resistance is futile" mug loosely based on Ohm's principle is also wacky and especially to be understood by the true nerd.
A Darth Vader mood light also provides real delight for the little Sheldon Cooper wannabe.


Of course, party gadgets of all kinds are also popular. Because with these you can lighten up the already hopefully good mood and provide for one or the other smile. By the way, the higher the alcohol level, the more unoriginal the gadgets may be, because at a certain point the spirits are no longer critical. However, it is of course best to look for really original and fun gadgets in the first place, then it doesn't matter how much the guests drink.
Party gadgets are supposed to sparkle, glitter, make sounds and all in all bring a lot of energy to the party.
Here you also have to distinguish between party gadgets that you buy as a host to set the mood and give the party an original touch and those that are great to bring as a souvenir to a party.
In the first group belong, for example, accessories for theme parties. So if you want to host a hippie party, you can provide funny glasses, necklaces and other accessories for the guests. At a disco party you can purchase a USB disco ball, at a barbecue party a brand to burn initials on the meat is a fun addition. Especially cool the toilet light to "pimp" from the loo. For parties a real hit that looks great and helps with aiming.
There are also countless options for shots, lollipops, ice cubes with insides, and more. Especially for Halloween parties, there are almost no limits to the imagination when it comes to party gadgets. Here is a small selection of popular party gadgets:
⎫ Ring as bottle opener
⎫ USB disco ball
⎫ Shot Glass Chess
⎫ LED Balloons
⎫ Funny ice cube shapes (hearts, teeth, etc.)
⎫ Popcorn machine
⎫ Insects Lollipop
⎫ Bubble machine
⎫ BBQ grill iron to burn initials on meat
⎫ Party hats
⎫ Belt holster for beer bottles
⎫ Gorilla Mask
For the second group, the possibilities are also almost unlimited. Here, of course, it always depends on what qualities and preferences, possibly funny weaknesses of the host. For example, you can bring a beer drinker a bottle opener that doubles as a spinner for the crown cap. If you then equip other guests with them, you can suddenly find yourself in the middle of an entertaining crown cork battle.
For die-hard foot fetishists, meat socks are super original, especially if the recipient is a vegan with a sense of humor. These socks are also a real hit at Halloween parties.
The latest trend - unicorn gadgets
Currently, unicorn gadgets are the latest craze - and not just in the kids' room. Whether it's unicorn mugs that say "I'm a f*cking Unicorn!", a pack of unicorn filets (pack looks like it's from the meat counter but it has marshmallows in it, or even capsules with glitter and the label "Unicorn Poop" (you can guess the rest...) - it's all up for grabs.
Of course, there are also plenty of more innocuous unicorn items like wigs, t-shirts, horns to put on your head, unicorn fidget spinners, unicorn beer and unicorn slippers.
Trimmed to old - Retro Gadgets
If the unicorn and the rainbow are too colourful for you, you might find what you are looking for in the retro gadgets.
Here the retro fan will find everything his heart could desire. From the retro beer dispenser, the retro nutcracker or the gorgeous black retro phone. Especially the younger kids and teens will be completely perplexed by the latter, because this generation doesn't know a phone without a touchscreen at all.
Retro record players and long-playing records are also back in fashion, and one or the other pulse of the nostalgics among the technology freaks will certainly beat faster.
Conclusion on Home & Office Gadgets
There is simply nothing that does not exist. Especially nerds, jokers and creative spirits can really get into the swing of things in this category! Whether for the office or home, for the party or to make life in the kitchen and household easier and above all more fun - Home & Office Gadgets are great and bring joy. Have fun browsing!








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