Even the tech nerd wants to be mobile these days. And especially here there is a lot of fun to be had. Because when it comes to nerdy mobility or practical and fun gadgets for equipping motorcycles, bikes and the like, there’s just about everything your heart could desire.



The futuristic hoverboards, for example, are a real innovation of our millennium. Hoverboards, also known as “self-balancing boards” or “self-balancing scooters”, have become famous through the film “Back to the Future II”, even if the variant shown in it could not yet be fully implemented, because hoverboards do not yet float. The hoverboard still has two small wheels, but they still provide a comfortable and fun way to get around.


Standing on it and riding it is very easy and safe, because the electric drive and drive control allows the hoverboard to keep itself balanced. The hoverboard is controlled by weight shifting and possibly a slight complementary foot movement.
An alternative to the hoverboard, although much more expensive is the Segway. However, this is also more unwieldy and more difficult to stow away after use, let alone as easy to take with you as a hoverboard.
There is now a wide range of manufacturers and price ranges for this most comfortable form of transport of our age - a comparison is certainly worthwhile.
By the way, in contrast to the Segway or the E-Scooter, the motor of the Hoverboard is incredibly quiet. Also, the hoverboard usually charges completely in just 2 hours.
What a circus - the modern unicycle aka Mono Wheel/ Solo Wheel
Who doesn't know them, the great circus unicycles? Now there's the electric version that makes for a blast - the fabulous Solo Wheel, also called the Mono Wheel or Air Wheel.
With this great gadget you are guaranteed to attract all eyes on the street. If you want to get around in style and futurism, do it with a modern unicycle!
Especially practical is that the electric Solo Wheels really take up incredibly little space and are very easy to take along.
The Solo Wheel is steered by shifting the body weight. With a little practice, you quickly become adept master. Acceleration or braking is achieved by leaning forward or backward. According to the manufacturer, the average top speed of this smart means of transportation is about 20 km/h. Although this may not sound like much at first glance, the feeling of speed on the Mono Wheel really should not be underestimated. For safety reasons, some devices also brake at a certain speed and/or sound a warning signal to alert the driver that the speed is too high.
Electric scooter / electric scooter
Another great mobility gadget is the electric scooter or the cheaper variation of the electric scooter. The latter is also less bulky than electric scooters or electric wire donkeys.
An electric scooter reaches over 30 km/h and is therefore a great thing for city traffic, because the boring and nerve-racking standing in traffic jams is a thing of the past with the smart scooter. For children and teenagers, the slower electric scooter is the suitable alternative. This reaches a maximum speed of about 12 and 16 km/h. For chic seniors, there is a version with a saddle, so that even the dashing granny can achieve stylish mobility.
Of course, especially with the electric scooter the question arises: How long the battery lasts so on average. Of course, it depends on the model and the design, but typically the range of a battery is between 40 and 80 km. Therefore, the scooter is more ideal for city traffic than for longer country trips.
Electric quads for children
If you have a child who wants to be a real junior racer, the electric quad is just the thing. A real fun factor, the speed of which can be regulated in stages. Absolute fun mobile for all little junior racers! For safety reasons, the maximum speed is relatively low and is between 5 and 7 km/h in stage 1 and 12-15 km/h in stage 2. In the last stage it goes a little faster, as soon as 20-25 km/h are reached, this kind of Quads is throttled down then however automatically.
Electric skateboards
Skateboarding is popular - so it stands to reason that there's an electronic mobility gadget out there these days, too. Especially since 2015 the market is booming and there are constantly new great models on the market that make the hearts of technology freaks, skateboarders and snowboarders beat faster.
Of course, the technology is becoming more efficient, more powerful, more robust and lighter, so that some people are desperately spoilt for choice.
However, it is certain that all passionate snowboarders, surfers and skaters enjoy the indescribable riding experience on the electric skateboard to the fullest. The big advantage is that you don't have to go to the mountains or to the water anymore, but simply climb on the electric skateboard right in front of your house and you're ready to go.
Pedelecs / E-bikes
And finally, e-bikes are also very much in vogue. Because more and more people would like a bit of electric assistance while pedaling on their bikes.
And indeed, the electric bike brings a whole new riding experience. Especially when you ride your bike to work, for example, you don't want to sweat like crazy on the road. The small electric motor can help you out on slopes or in headwinds. You sit relaxed on your bike and let the wind whiz around your ears.
In the meantime, even people who were previously at war with the bicycle are now using this environmentally friendly means of transport.
Because this vehicle is also very practical for shopping and running small errands.


And as far as mobility is concerned, there are of course plenty of fun and also useful gadgets for every means of transport - whether car, motorcycle or bicycle. In the case of motorcycles and bicycles, this mainly involves useful aids such as attachments for smartphones,
Because nowadays even cyclists and motorcyclists don't want to do without their smartphone. In addition, additional mirrors and transport bags, as well as solutions for bad weather are of course an absolute gadget must. Cyclists also love the practical Wing Lights, for example, which are currently an absolute hit. Because until now, anyone wanting to turn on a bicycle had to extend their arm, which in some situations can compromise balance and safety. In addition, the hand signal may be overlooked by other participants in traffic in the evening. In both cases, the great bicycle indicators are an optimal solution.
As far as car gadgets go, there's pretty much anything you can think of. If you really love your car and driving, you will therefore equip the tin carriage so beautifully with gadgets. Here it is important to distinguish between practical gadgets, such as the coffee maker for the car. Because honestly, how often do you rush out of the house in the morning without even having time for your morning coffee? And then you're stuck in traffic for ages and the headache from caffeine withdrawal sets in. This is where this handy gadget definitely helps!
The iPad holder for the little ones in the back seats is also really practical. If you have to eat in the car from time to time and have always balanced your food uncomfortably on your knees because the steering wheel was in the way, you can now eat comfortably with a special tray that has a cut-out for the steering wheel.
Perfect organisation systems for the boot also fall into this category.
And then, of course, there are lots of ornaments and fun bells and whistles for the savvy car enthusiast, some of them brand-specific.
Whether it's a funny parking disc, clever stickers - such as a plaster for dents - or original seat covers, everyone is guaranteed to find great options in this department to bring fun into everyday life.
Conclusion Mobility Gadgets
In this category, people who want to have fun and action get their money's worth. Electric skateboards, hoverboards, cool electric unicycles and scooters or scooters for any age group are currently a real craze
However, many of the mobility gadgets are now very functional, especially for city traffic and quick errands. Older people regain their independence and mobility. There are environmentally friendly options such as electric bikes, electric scooters or electric scooters for all types of use. These things are crazy fun and protect the environment at the same time - what more could you want?
For car, bike and motorcycle there are also many practical gadgets that can sweeten our life. Rummaging around in this category is definitely worth it!








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