Are you a cyclist?

Cycling is popular. It's fun, environmentally conscious, flexible and a good sporting activity. Especially in big cities, you can often get around faster by bike than by car, as neither traffic jams nor the search for a parking space are a problem.
To make the life of the cyclist easier, there are now numerous smart gadgets. We'll show you some great options here to give you an idea. In our category in the online shop you will of course find this and some more gadgets.
Intelligent bike lock with integrated alarm system
Every cyclist has the nightmare that his beloved bike is stolen - no matter whether it is a normal and already older bike or a high-quality brand new racing bike. Therefore, as a cyclist, you naturally try to protect your beloved bike as well as possible against theft. A great option is the intelligent bike lock with integrated alarm system. These types of bike locks are easy to lock and unlock via smart phone app, for example, without having to bend over, get your fingers dirty, or be unable to set the number co0mbination in low light. The particularly modern options even have a feature where the lock automatically closes when the owner moves away with their smartphone and unlocks when they get near the bike.
If the bike is stolen, a rather loud alarm is triggered directly on the bike and the owner also gets a notification sent directly to his smartphone.
However, the communication runs via Bluetooth, which means that the range is limited. In addition, it has been reported that the connection is not established until the app is retrieved. But these smart locks are certainly a good start. Alternatively, a hand-held transmitter can be operated at the touch of a button, but this must be purchased separately.
Conveniently, the battery is charged via a micro USB port and has a remarkable runtime of about six months. Especially in urban environments, where you make many short trips and constantly park your bike in front of shops, schools, universities, cafes, etc., the Smart Lock is definitely a great option for theft protection.
Smart bike lights
Smart bike lights offer so many things to the user. The wireless light is mounted on the bicycle saddle and has three different modes:
⎫ Flash
⎫ fast flash
⎫ permanent glow
According to the manufacturer, the intensity is comparable to that of a car headlight, which is a significant improvement over the conventional bicycle light. The rear light can be conveniently controlled with a remote control, which is mounted directly on the handlebar in a holder.
This remote control can also be used to activate a practical alarm system that sounds when the bike is touched or shaken.
If you sometimes forget where exactly you parked your bike and can't find it in the middle of a large number of bicycles, you can use this remote control to briefly illuminate the light or sound a signal tone and thus find your bike more easily. The radius for this function is usually max. 100 meters. This signal tone can also be used as a bell when using the bicycle.
The Smart Bike Lights are charged via USB, with a full battery lasting approximately 15 hours.

Everything for your bike

Portable rear view mirror
Another ingenious feature is a rear-view mirror that you attach to your wrist rather than to your bike. The practical mirror can be rotated at an angle of 30 to 90 degrees and can be attached to the wrist at any point. This provides the driver with an optimal field of vision without having to contort or turn around. The mirror does not vibrate when driving and generally breaks less quickly than fixed rearview mirrors. This bike gadget is especially useful for cyclists and people who take long trips on the highway. This safety gadget is also very suitable for children.
Smartphone holder including speaker and hands-free function
Nowadays, you don't want to do without your smartphone even when cycling and always have it at hand. In addition, many cyclists also use their smartphone as a navigation device and therefore want to keep a close eye on it. There is a special holder for this, but ideally it has several other interesting functions, e.g.:
⎫ LED front lights
⎫ MP3 player
⎫ powerful Bluetooth speaker
⎫ integrated microphone
⎫ Powerbank function
This means that you can also answer or make calls while driving without having to stop.
The powerbank function makes it easy to charge your phone while driving.
Bike computer with theft alarm
Some people may prefer a sophisticated and very user-friendly bike computer. Deiser combines the most important functions for the smart cyclist by connecting to the smartphone via an app. This computer contains a very sophisticated navigation system for cyclists, which shows the user the way with an intuitive light. Turn-by-turn navigation finds the best and safest route to various destinations.
Moreover, these computers are also sophisticated real-time fitness trackers. For example, you can set individual fitness goals in the smartphone app and have your progress displayed live on your computer. Calls and messages are also displayed to the driver directly on the device on the handlebars while driving. As soon as it gets dark, the bicycle lighting switches on automatically and then only switches off again when the bicycle comes to a standstill for a longer period of time.
Finally, these smart systems typically have theft protection. A loud alarm is triggered by an internal motion sensor.
Practical additional feature: If you forget where you parked your bike, you can have the exact location sent to your smartphone.
These are just a few examples of smart and very smart bike gadgets. But of course we also have simply funny gadgets or less technical gadgets in our assortment. The best you just look at your leisure in our shop u