Are you a car freak?

Real car freaks are always on the lookout for cool car gadgets that will make life in the tin carriage easier, and also provide a bit more fun.
So if you don't really know yet what exactly you would like for your car and what is available, you can find some smart ideas here.
The focus of car gadgets is usually modern technology. Because these days, with modern cameras, cell phone chargers and much more, they make life easier while you're out on the road in your car.
Laptop charger for car with three ports
Chargers for smartphones and iPods have been on the market for a long time. But what to do when you're on the road and your laptop battery dies? Because on a long car ride, you could charge that up pretty easily. That's why some smart guy has now invented a laptop charger for the car. With its 96 watts of power, it can also charge a laptop without any problems - just incidentally while driving. The connection is usually made via USB.
Heated steering wheel cover against cold hands in the car
In winter, the steering wheel can be really uncomfortably cold. Especially if you have scraped the ice from the windows before, you are sitting shivering in the car and your hands really hurt because of the cold. The heated steering wheel cover puts an end to this. Because only very few cars have an integrated steering wheel heating system, and in all others you used to sit at the wheel with gloves on or with cold hands. However, gloves are of limited use for driving and can even be dangerous if they are slippery.
Smartphone car cradle with wireless charging function
No one goes out the door without a smartphone. However, the batteries are often empty and you have to recharge in between. However, you often do not have the charger with you, or you are annoyed by the cable tangle. Put an end to that with a handy smartphone cradle with wireless charging device.
By the way, the holder is also practical simply because many people use the mobile phone as a navigation device. With the chic holder you always have your mobile phone in view. Calls can also be answered conveniently in this way.

Everything for your car

Conical ice scraper: Innovative tool for icy windows
The winter season is no bed of roses for motorists. Especially if the car has to be parked on the street overnight, you are busy with the annoying ice scraping in the morning.
This innovative ice scraper is cone-shaped and can be used to remove ice and snow from the car window in 360 degrees. No matter how thick the layer of ice, the cone-shaped 360 degree ice scraper will deal with it quickly and effortlessly. The special feature is that you can move the ice scraper in all directions, not just one as with the conventional scraper.
The diameter of the ice scraper is around 14.5 centimetres and it is made of robust plastic.
Rear view camera and dashcam in one
Many cars now have a built-in dashcam, but with older models you usually have to do without it, or just retrofit. There are now numerous great gadget options for this. You get the power for this from the 12 volt cigarette lighter of the car. The corresponding cable is typically included in the scope of delivery. This can then be hidden in the roof. The reversing camera is also connected by cable to the interior mirror, whereby this is clamped to the reversing light, so that the parking aid is switched on automatically as soon as you put the car into reverse gear. The practical retrofit kit comes with all the necessary parts and detailed instructions, so that you can easily perform the installation yourself with a little skill.
Trunk Organizer: So that everything has its place in the car
Let's face it, who doesn't have a bit of a mess in their trunk sometimes? As practical car gadgets there are now various options of trunk organizers.
Automotive Emergency Tool: Emergency tool and charger in one
In addition to a first aid kit, you should also have everything you need for a number of emergency situations. That's why there are useful emergency car gadgets that include essential tools and even a charger.
Real-time tire pressure monitoring with the smartphone
Cool is a tire pressure real-time monitoring tool that shows you via smartphone how your car's tire pressure is doing.
Relaxed travel: Massage seat cover for your car
Tense while driving? Then a massage seat cover for your car is just right! These supports are available in various designs. Especially for people who are on the road a lot and for a long time by car a relaxing thing!
Conclusion on the subject of car gadgets
There is a wide range of technical, but also fun car gadgets. Especially people who use the car for long distances, or often and regularly facilitate and sweeten these practical gadgets life immensely. We at Epic Gadgets have put together a great selection of car gadgets for you - just have a look around!








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