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Electric quads for children

Currently, electric vehicles of all kinds are an absolute trend. And, of course, this does not stop with the children. These especially love the electric quads. Numerous manufacturers offer different models of electric quads for children, we show you what you should look for when buying.
Electric quad for children
There are electric quads for adults, but generally the electric versions of the normal petrol quad are designed more for children.
However, there are already some clear differences between the various options, as the children may belong to different age groups.
For example, the very small quads reach a maximum of 3-5 km/h. So these are clearly toy quads, similar to the small electric cars. From then on, the performance, speed and equipment slowly increase until you reach the adult quads.
What is especially good about the "big" kids electric quads is that you can regulate them in many cases. So you can set the quads to go very slowly.
Which manufacturers of electric quads for children are there?
Among the better known manufacturers of children's electric quads are, Jamara, Actionbikes or even Hecht. However, there are now many other, possibly lesser known manufacturers that also have good children's electric quads in their range.
Electric quad for children depending on age
Especially in children there are huge differences in terms of gross and fine motor skills, because this development is strongly dependent on age. Therefore, you clearly need to buy specifically for the appropriate age. An electric quad for 14 year olds is totally unsuitable for a 5 year old child, to give just one example.
The larger electric quads with their 800 or 1000 watt motors can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h and should therefore not be used by small children.
Children Quad from 5 years
This type of kids quad is more or less a speedy toy and is meant to be used on a paved patio or similar places. These vehicles are not suitable for off-road use and children should not be left unattended.
The prices for these electric quads range from 150 to 170 euros.
Children electric quad from 10 years
Here you have to decide for yourself what you think your child is capable of. As a rule, children from the age of 10 can already cope well with 800 watt electric quads. In addition, however, you should choose a model that can be throttled. This way the child can practice at lower speeds at first and then you adjust them over time to the more proficient skills.
The prices here are roughly between 300 and 700 euros.
Electric Quad with 1200 or 3000 Watt
Although the most common variants are 800 or 1000 watts, there are also quads with 1200 and 3000 watts. The latter is more suitable for adults. The 1200 watt variant can be interesting for teenagers. These are priced between 800 - 1000 Euro.

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Advantages and disadvantages of electric quads
As far as the fun factor goes, the facts are clear. There's probably not a kid out there who doesn't have fun zipping around on a zippy electric quad. A quad bike stands for adventure and freedom, especially for older children and teenagers. This pastime will certainly not get boring so quickly.
Electric quads basically have similar advantages and disadvantages as other electric vehicles.
Advantages are clearly the environmental compatibility and the economical operation. In addition, electric quads are very quiet in contrast to the normal gasoline quads.
Disadvantage can be the range, and that you are not as flexible when charging as when refueling.
Advantages electric quad for children:
⎫ Quiet
⎫ Good torque
⎫ Environmentally friendly
Disadvantages electric quad for children:
⎫ Small selection
⎫ Low range
⎫ Batteries expensive
Thoughts before buying
Especially with vehicles for children, you have to be careful when buying, because safety is especially important here. A children's quad must be stable and resilient, the handling must also be easy to learn for the child.
The first thing to consider is who will use the electric quad. If you have only one child, this is easy, if you have more than one, it can be difficult. Because you have to reckon with the fact that your little brother might want to get on it too.
In addition, you should consider whether the vehicle should have lights, what weight the child has, whether two children can ride it at the same time, etc.
In short: Before you go to the store, you must already have some things clear.
The right choice in quad for children:
⎫ Power and speed What is important here is the age for which you need the electric quad. Because, of course, the speed must be chosen so that the child can safely and easily control the vehicle. The smaller the child, the lower the speed should be. Especially good are children electric quads, where you can throttle the speed. This allows you to adjust the electric quad to the child's progress over time.
⎫ The load capacity Here, too, everything depends on how big and heavy the child is. You should buy the device so that the child can use the vehicle in its current weight to a slightly higher weight, because children grow quickly. In addition, the load capacity should never be too low, otherwise the performance will suffer.
⎫ Stability and safety The electric vehicle should be conscientiously checked for its stability and safety. In no case should you save in the wrong place. The unit should have good road holding and have additional safety mechanisms, such as emergency stop lines and switches that can stop en quad quickly. Some devices even offer remote control for parents. In general, it goes without saying that children should not ride unsupervised.
You should also pay attention to good workmanship and quality of materials. Here, it is a good idea to look at testimonials and reviews from other customers. Because these opinions are usually more objective than the manufacturer's statements.
Electric quads for kids at Epic Gadgets
Of course we also have electric quads for children in our range and you will certainly find the right option for your child.
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