Hoverboards are the latest trend

All about hoverboards - great fun!

You see them more and more often - the futuristic hoverboards. A really smart gadget that provides a lot of fun!
What are hoverboards?
The hoverboard is an innovative invention of our millennium. Initially, it had become known primarily as the "e-board". It is basically an electronically powered board to stand on, which is why some people call it a "self-balancing board". Inspiration was the dream of the floating skateboard presented in the movie "Back to the Future II". Unfortunately, the whole thing is not there yet, but even using the two small wheels on which the hoverboard stands, it offers the same agility and comfort. Standing on and riding the hoverboard is easier than with a normal skateboard because the hoverboard practically balances itself due to the electric drive and the drive control. Through weight shifts and complementary foot movements, the board can be controlled easily and reliably.
There is no alternative to the insanely innovative and cool hoverboard until now. While the Segway is also fun and an innovative way to get around, it is much less flexible and difficult to take with you, while one of the advantages of the Hoverboard is definitely mobility, as you can easily take it with you anywhere.
Of course, there is a very wide range of models and manufacturers, so that everyone can find the right hoverboard for his needs and especially for his wallet, because of course there are also significant price differences.
Factors that influence price or selection include:
⎫ slight differences in the size of the board
⎫ slight differences in driving style
⎫ Charging time of the batteries (usually the boards are fully charged in only 2 hours)
⎫ Electric motor volume
⎫ Speed
⎫ Battery life
⎫ Etc.
How do I find the right hoverboard?
In addition to brand name manufacturers like Samsung, there are also numerous smaller South Korean and Chinese manufacturers that also offer good quality at more affordable prices. And let's face it, many brand name manufacturers have their products made in China or elsewhere anyway, or source them from the same manufacturer in Shenzhen. In addition, the batteries are from Samsung anyway with almost all providers.
So the manufacturer thing is rather secondary in the selection. More importantly:
⎫ Weight (kg) The weight of a hoverboard is important for two things. On the one hand, a slightly heavier board sits a little better on the road and is easier to ride. On the other hand, however, a heavy board is more difficult to transport.Who has to walk a lot of stairs, or carry the board over a longer period of time (such as gravel paths, cobblestones or crowded sidewalks and pedestrian zones), who feels on his own body, what a little weight can make more difference. However, it should also be said that the boards are generally not particularly light, because they are in the range of 7-13 kg.
⎫ Max. Payload (kg) This point is very important, because there are still boards with less than 100 kg payload. And these are reached fast, if for example a relatively large and heavy built man stands possibly also still with backpack on the board. Typically, the maximum load of modern hoverboards is in the triple-digit range, i.e. between 100 and 120 kilos. Although many dealers promise that payload supposedly has no effect on performance, this is usually incorrect. A Hoverboard that is too heavily loaded can hardly reach its maximum speed.
⎫ Range (in km) This value indicates how far you can drive with a full battery charge. The average range is usually between 15 and 20 kilometres. However, this also depends on the load and the ground conditions. A Hoverboard achieves optimum range on a well-paved road. The range may seem short, but it's actually not. So you can see the benefit of the Hoverboard very quickly, for example, if you quickly go to the supermarket on the corner or to the fitness studio with the cool Hoverboard or do other close errands with it. No searching for a parking space, no hitchhiking on the bike, in short - pure fun and functionality!
⎫ Speed (in km/h) Of course, for hoverboard fans, the faster the better. However, one should also keep safety in mind. Currently, hoverboards have a max. Speed between 10 and 15 km/h. This is a speed that is fun, yet controllable and relatively safe. Whether the board reaches the maximum speed depends on the ground conditions and the weight of the rider (payload) We guarantee you that even 7 Km/h on a Hoverboard is immensely fun!
⎫ Charging time (in h) The charging time is a weak point with many other electronic products, because it is lengthy and annoying - different with the Hoverboard, because a good board is nowadays fully charged again in about 2 hours.By the way, the charger is very similar to that of a laptop. Just plug it into a regular outlet and exercise a bit of patience. The board has LED lights that indicate the charge level. The battery in a good board is a lithium-ion battery, one of the most powerful batteries to date. With its 36V / 4.4Ah it can be charged anywhere without complicati0ons and problems.
⎫ Lighting (yes/no) Lighting is of course not only cool and visually appealing, it also serves safety. That's why you should pay special attention to high-quality and functioning lighting. After all, LED lights make it easier to see where you're going and make it easier for other road users to see you.The hoverboard is built the same at the back and front, which is why it has LEDs on both sides. With some hoverboards you can set different colors, which is of course really cool.Hoverboards without lighting are cheaper, but for safety reasons we think you should rather invest the money in lighting.
⎫ Bluetooth (yes/no) Some hoverboards actually have speakers built in and you can listen to music and set the mood while riding via Bluetooth and smartphone. Of course, you don't really need it and it costs a bit more, but some people just don't want to miss out on their favourite music when they're on the move. In any case, you are guaranteed to attract all the attention!

Accessories for Hoverboards

What accessories do I need for hoverboards?
As always, there are also special accessories for all of them. With the hoverboard, these fall into two broad categories:
⎫ Safety Just like other means of transportation, hoverboard riding must be learned first. And even if you're already good at it, sometimes a fall just can't be avoided. You should therefore protect yourself and your body as well as possible. This is especially true when you are around a lot of other people and in traffic. Because then you no longer depend only on yourself and your mistakes, but also on the behaviour of other road users. And, of course, you can crash with the hoverboard due to uneven ground or objects that can block the wheels.
It is essential to have a good quality helmet, which can protect against very serious head injuries.Likewise, as with skateboarding, rollerblading and rollerblading, protecting your elbows, palms and knees is also a good idea.
⎫ Comfort In terms of comfort, two equipment items in particular are worth mentioning, which are equally useful and sensible. Firstly, you can equip the hoverboard with a protective cover that protects it all around during the ride. Thus, scratches are avoided and the board remained undamaged longer. These practical protective covers are available in various designs, colors and styles, so that certainly everyone will find the perfect solution for their own taste.And as far as transport is concerned, the carrying bag for the hoverboard is also a great thing, because as already mentioned, the boards are anything but light, and if you have to carry them over a longer distance, you will be extremely grateful for the carrying bag.
Conclusion about the Super Gadget Hoverboard
Hoverboards are an absolutely fun way to get around. Although not quite cheap to buy, the fun is guaranteed to pay off. Some people feel a bit like Marty in "Back to the Future". Because you actually get a bit of a floating feeling.
You should definitely also think about accessories for safety and comfort when purchasing the Bard.
Take a look around our shop and see what hoverboards and accessories we have to offer - we wish you a good ride already!








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