Just a unicycle?

Driving with the Mono Wheel - a stylish driving pleasure with fun factor

Electric means of transportation such as Monowheel (also called Solowheel, electric unicycle or Monocycle), e-Scooter, Segways, Hoverboard etc. are currently a real trend. All offer comfortable and environmentally friendly urban transportation with a definite fun factor.
Flexibility, maneuverability and a small size thus characterize the smart monowheel or electric unicycle. It is optimally suited for short distances. It saves you the physical effort of riding a bike or skateboard.
A monowheel can be used by practically anyone with a little practice. Monowheels have a handle and are relatively light, so you can easily take them with you.
Unfortunately, the Monowheels are not yet officially approved for road use.
What exactly is a Monowheel?
A Monowheel is basically an electric unicycle. Next to the wheel, which has a diameter of about 50 cm, there are two footboards on which the rider stands. By tilting forward, the Monowheel accelerates, while tilting backward slows down the Solowheel. Lateral steering is also done by shifting weight in the desired direction. The control is therefore mainly intuitive and can be learned relatively quickly.
It is driven by an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries. These are charged via a charger using normal sockets.
A Monowheel consists essentially of the 4 components:
⎫ one pneumatic tyred wheel
⎫ an electric motor
⎫ of a control electronics
⎫ one battery
Depending on the size, capacity and quality of these elements, a Monowheel can achieve a range of up to 40 km and a top speed of up to 36 km/h. A good battery should be fully charged after 2 hours of charging.

Is that legal?

Perfect for urban transport
Urban transportation is very important. However, very few people want to and are able to cover longer distances by bike, because after all, very few people can afford to arrive at work all sweaty and physically exhausted. Some people therefore like to take their bike with them for part of the journey on the underground or S-Bahn. However, this is typically completely overcrowded at rush hour and you get annoyed looks and negative comments if you then also squeeze in with a bulky bike and possibly bump into other people or roll your bike over their foot.
Here the Monowheel is a much better alternative. This is because it takes up hardly any space and can therefore be easily taken along on public transport or in your own car.
This way, you get closer to the city centre, where you can then cover the last part of the distance with the great Monowheel.
There are now a large number of suppliers and models, so that many an interested person wonders what exactly he should look for when buying and what features of the monowheel deserve special attention in the decision.
What should you look for when buying a Monowheel?
There are a few things to consider when buying the Monowheel. These aspects also determine the sometimes considerable price differences. Because monowheels can be found in price ranges between 300,- and 2.000,- €.
Before buying, you should definitely ask yourself what you want to use the Monowheel for. Should it be more of a sporty leisure ride, or do you really want to ride it to work or university and need a corresponding range. Are there gradients to overcome? This and other questions are important to decide on a suitable Solowheel.
⎫ Engine power First, of course, engine power is important. The stronger the motor, the better you can climb slopes, or the more additional load (rider's weight plus possibly other loads) the Monowheel can withstand.
⎫ Battery performance The battery performance determines how powerful the motor can be, how far you can go on one charge and how long the batteries last. The service life should be at least 1000 battery charges.
Equally interesting is the mileage or maximum range, which depends on the built-in memory cell. The average range is now up to 30 - 40 km. But there are also top monowheel models that can do an incredible 100 km. By the way, the maximum range depends not only on the battery power, but also on the weight of the user. The heavier a user, the shorter the distance that can be covered.
⎫ Weight A major advantage of the Monowheels is their low weight. This rarely exceeds 13kg, although there are some particularly light models. Here you have to consider if you often have to take the Monowheel with you and then also carry it.
⎫ Option of recuperation Nowadays, practically all monowheels have the option of recuperation. This technical term refers to the fact that the energy gained from braking is fed back into the battery, recharging it somewhat and thus extending the range.
⎫ Maximum speed Some Monowheels reach 30 km/h, however, very often the maximum speed is electronically locked at 20 km/h for safety reasons.
⎫ Permissible weight of the user Typically, the upper limit of the person's weight for good monowheels is about 120 kg. When buying, you should therefore consider your own weight plus any payload you want to take with you in a backpack (laptop, books, etc.).
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