Are you a biker?

Winter is finally over and the enthusiastic biker is happy about mild temperatures and sun. The time has come to get the motorcycle in shape, to buy the right equipment and accessories and from now on to go on wonderful motorcycle tours on the weekends again.
A real biker knows how great motorcycle tours are and how much fun you can have. However, the whole thing is even more fun when you can call practical motorcycle gadgets his own. Because nowadays nobody wants to do without a certain level of comfort, even on a motorcycle.
In addition, many motorcycle gadgets also serve your own safety - and as a motorcyclist, you should never neglect that.
We show you here a few examples of what is available. So you get the taste and can then look around in peace in our online shop. You're sure to find a great motorcycle gadget for your bike!
Action camera for documenting the motorcycle tour
Who hasn't dreamed of filming the crazy tour with the beloved motorcycle with a camera while the wind whizzes around your ears? Maybe you've admired some great videos on your Facebook profile with your biker friends and enviously wished you could do the same.
Fortunately, there are now numerous action cams on the market, of which the most famous representative is certainly the famous GoPro.
An action cam is almost standard equipment for extreme sports enthusiasts. That's why you as a motorcycle fan shouldn't let yourself be left behind and immortalize your daring maneuvers with your camera.
These cameras were specially designed for extreme situations. They are therefore robust and easy to use.
Storage space for your motorcycle - great tank bags
On a day trip, or even a multi-day motorcycle trip, you do need a few things. But of course you don't have a trunk on the motorcycle where you can put normal bags and suitcases. That is why tank bags are a good choice for the motorcycle in addition to the popular top cases. Because carrying a backpack on a long ride is just pretty uncomfortable.
In the tank bag fit many things, at least a few clothes to change, toothbrush, toiletries, a book and so much more.

Everything for your motorcycle

Navigation devices
Navigation devices now also belong on the motorcycle. There are special mounts for this and thanks to the radio or mobile phone including hands-free kit, which is integrated directly into the helmet, bikers can communicate effortlessly when they are out in a group.
Privy Constable
If you love your motorcycle, you want to protect it as well as possible from thieves. Most locks are picked faster than the new bike is delivered. That's why more and more motorcycle owners are turning to a GPS device to help them locate their stolen bike quickly and effortlessly.
The modern devices locate the motorcycle via mobile phone signals and GPS tracking. The devices are smaller than a pack of cigarettes and can be hidden very well. To be able to transmit the data, the device needs power plus a SIM card.
Neck guard
Originally, this gadget comes from off-road sports, but is increasingly used by "normal" motorcyclists. Because in the event of a fall, it protects the sensitive neck area and has already saved many motorcyclists from a wheelchair.
The wreath around the neck prevents the neck vertebrae from being destroyed in a fall on the head (also known as a Köpfler). Small side effect is broken collarbones. But honestly, I'd rather break my collarbone than my cervical vertebrae.
Wearing the ruff is a bit restrictive, but your own safety should come first. Moreover, you get used to the somewhat limited freedom of movement quite quickly.
warning triangle to put on the helmet
Everybody breaks down. In the car, you can easily keep the warning triangle in the trunk, but on the motorcycle, carrying the useful triangle can be more complicated. This warning triangle painted on a hood, which you then put over your helmet and put up as a warning, is a really good and functional invention.
If you want extra safety, you can then add a great LED warning light. This has a diameter of 105 millimetres and a height of 35 millimetres and also takes up hardly any space. Often you get both gadgets in a combo.
Parking aid
Who does not know this as a biker. You stop somewhere in nature and find no solid ground. On a possibly damp meadow or a sandy ground the motorcycle then tips over because the side stand sinks in. The real touring specialists, who like to find a quiet spot in nature, therefore resort to these practical support extensions for the side stand. This plate effectively prevents the side stand from sinking in.

You see - there is great stuff for motorcyclists on the market. Just have a look around in our category Motorcycle Gadgets, you will surely find something suitable! Many of these gadgets are also great gifts for motorcycle fans.