Gadgets for animal lovers

Our pets are part of the family and we all want to spoil them and take care of them as best we can. Meanwhile, this is also increasingly associated with technology. Because technological progress is making more and more things possible that were previously unthinkable, or at least involved a lot of effort and high costs. These smart gadgets are truly amazing and definitely make life easier for dog owners.
Dog gadgets can basically be divided into three major categories, which we would like to introduce to you in detail here:
⎫ Feeding
⎫ Safety
⎫ Entertainment
Another interesting category is hygiene, although it is not "smart". Still, there are some very snazzy gadgets here, as you will palely see.
Smart Home Dog Gadgets: Feeding
Our lives are often hectic, stressful and time is often short. So busy people often find it difficult to be home in time for feeding time. Some people are so stressed that they may not even think about the correct amount of food and simply fill the bowl to the brim. Result: More than half of our pets are overweight. This can then lead to the development of diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, kidney disease, cancer, and so on. The remedy here is dog gadgets for feeding. These modern feeders usually have quite a large capacity for the food (up to about 6 liters, in one case even over 10 liters for about 90 meals) and have an amazingly precise dosing system. Particularly sophisticated devices even have a slow-feed function for greedy gobbling dogs. The desired amount of food is then dispensed over a period of approx. 15 minutes. This prevents unpleasant digestive disorders in these dogs. The whole thing is usually operated by an adapter via the mains or with batteries, whereby these have an average life of about one year.
Some feeders offer the possibility to make a voice recording, which is then played every time there is food.
Most vending machines are designed primarily for dry food, although some will work for wet food as well because they have a cooling battery.
Those who like it less technical can also opt for purely mechanical options. However, neither time nor quantity can be determined in this way. These devices are therefore particularly suitable for cats and non-venomous dogs who know when enough is enough.
If there are several animals to be fed, and one of them often eats all the food away from the others, then you can opt for a microchip-controlled automatic feeder. This gadget recognizes the chip of the respective animal and only dispenses food when the respective animal approaches the gadget.
Particularly great are also the dog gadgets for feeding, which can be controlled via the smartphone. These high-tech feeders also have a webcam and an intercom system.
In addition to feeding machines, there are of course also water dispensers, some of which are also very sophisticated. The best here are drinking fountains with water filters with activated carbon, because the movement and constant filtration keeps the water fresh and high quality. With mechanical alternatives, the water really needs to be constantly renewed and the whole thing is more recommended for short periods of time.

For the safety of your dog

For one thing, there are dog gadgets that help you find your dog as quickly as possible if you lose it. Popular here are of course the GPS trackers, which are attached directly to the collar of the dog. Included is the appropriate app to make the location and activity of the dog visible in real time. Because except in case of loss, this app and tracker can also be used to calculate the calorie consumption of the dog.
Particularly practical is also the function, which informs you as soon as the dog leaves a so-called Safe Zone, which was previously determined. You'll get a message on your cell phone.
The battery lasts up to 7 days, so you should be able to find your dog if you lose it.
Another great dog gadget is the electronic fence, which is offered by several manufacturers. The wire is buried at the property line or where the dog is to stay at a shallow depth and the control center is connected to the power. The dog gets an appropriate collar (either rechargeable or with batteries) around the neck. If the dog approaches the permitted limit, it first receives an acoustic warning. If he doesn't follow them and continues walking, he then gets a slight electrical impulse (kind of like a pasture fence). This one doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable. However, it is essential to train the dog in advance. Once he has grasped the system, this gadget works quite well. Some systems also offer hand control, which can be used to train the dogs or to stop unwanted behavior. Particularly great are the systems that have a mobile transmitter that you can set up under the table at barbecues, parties or meals, for example, and which then creates a radius that the dog is not allowed to enter. It is also conceivable to place it in rooms where you do not want the dog.
Smart Home Dogs Gadgets: Entertainment
Often dog owners are very busy, work the entire day and constantly feel guilty that the beloved dog has to spend so many hours alone in the apartment.
That's why there are more and more clever dog gadgets that keep the dog entertained while we're away from home.
For example, there is a video phone that allows the lonely pet to be offered full interaction and entertainment throughout the day. It attaches to the wall at the dog's eye level and actually provides two-way audio communication. The smart dog can even call you on your cell phone when he's bored. Treats can also be given out or brain games can be played. One or the other dog has already learned new tricks over the distance.
Especially dogs with separation anxiety benefit from these intelligent systems.
Also, an intelligent pet fitness robot entertains the dog and keeps it active. The robot drives around the house and invites the dog to run after it. Intelligent sensors ensure that it does not bump wildly into furniture and other objects. In addition, the smart robot recognizes the position of the pet and becomes active only at the times programmed by you.
Dog Gadgets: Hygiene
Dog owners know this, when it comes to washing you need all the help you can get. That's why there are plenty of useful gadgets for washing and brushing dogs,
For example, there are ingenious combined wash-scratch brushes for dogs that, unlike conventional sprayers, attach directly to the hand for full control. The water sprays strongly enough to penetrate even thick fur effortlessly. The brush allows the soap to be massaged in gently and thoroughly. The gadget can be attached to the shower head as well as to the garden hose by means of an appropriate adapter.
The dog gadgets for 360 degree cleaning are also clever. The hoop is slid over the dog and it is sprayed all around with an automatic mixture of soap and water. The special pressure valve allows the water pressure to be adjusted.
The dog paw cleaner is also really practical. Because what dog owner can't sympathize? You come in from a wet and muddy walk and have to let the dog back in the car or bring it inside. Beautiful brown paw prints are the undesirable result.
Unless you have the great paw cleaner at hand, which by the way can be taken along without any problems.
And then there are great coat care gloves. The dogs love these far more than brushes and combs because they feel stroked and gently massaged. These gloves remove loose hair and dirt easily and reliably. These gloves are of course also suitable for other pets and even horses.
Non-technical dog gadgets as a fun factor
And of course there are also quite "normal" gadgets for dog lovers, without any technical frills. Of course, this includes drinking bottles with integrated bowls for on the go. These are ideal for longer car trips, outings, bike rides, walks on hot days, vacations, or any other occasion.
A so-called puppy playpen is also a great thing, because you can also fold it effortlessly and take it with you. The dear little ones are in safe hands and can play undisturbed and safely.
Very functional and well thought out is also the dog safety harness with leash and bag for the car. The harness doubles as a leash and even has a small integrated pouch that you can put treats or poop bags in.
And for playing there is the robust and powerful ball slingshot, with which you can throw the balls really great far. Because not every dog owner is a litterateur. Plus, the whole thing admittedly gets tiring after a while. So the ball slingshot offers good and welcome relief. Because without much effort you can throw the ball wonderfully far and get tired even the most active and tireless dog.
Conclusion on the subject of dog gadgets
You see, there are great dog gadgets for the modern smart home that can easily handle a slightly longer absence. Especially for working people a real relief. Whether it's feeding, watering, playing, monitoring or security, there are many great gadgets to make life easier. And hygiene is not neglected either, as there are now numerous gadgets for bathing and brushing. And finally, there are still the good old gadgets without much technology, which are also fun for dog and master or mistress.
The best thing is to have a look around in our category dog gadgets - have fun!








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