The must haves for your next festival

Festivals are a lot of fun - most of the time, anyway. To the festival belongs alcohol, proper camping, great music and sometimes also a few inclemencies. However, real die-hard festival fans are not deterred by any inconvenience or bad weather. Admittedly, the best festival anecdotes are often vivid memories of many a disaster. Whether it's wet clothes, dirty toilets, poor nutrition, damp sleeping bags...
However, one learns from adversity, and learns to deal with different situations better over time. The great festival gadgets help with that. Because besides the typical festival gadgets for fun and partying, there are also a lot of really useful festival gadgets that make swinging and grooving at the festival even more fun.
We present you here some funny options for sneaking booze as well as some useful festival gadgets for comfortable camping. Everything else you will find in the online shop!
The coolest hip flask festival gadgets for hiding drinks
For security reasons it is forbidden to bring bottles onto the festival grounds, so real festival fans have thought up all sorts of tricks to smuggle alcohol onto the grounds, because drinking is part of the festival like the amen in the church. However, drinking at festivals is quite overpriced and anything but cheap. In addition, endless queues form in front of the drinks stands. So how do you get the booze to the festival grounds?
There are plenty of great hip flask options for this:
⎫ The tie with hip flask Somewhat unusual but still funny is the tie hip flask. The good piece looks like a tie, but is a container into which you can pour the precious alcohol. Through a small mouthpiece, you can then really nice and relatively unnoticed sip the delicious wet. However, this gadget is more suitable as a fun factor than for serious smuggling, because who goes to a festival with a tie?
⎫ The binocular flask This flask is much more inconspicuous, because binoculars can be taken to the festival unnoticed and without arousing suspicion. After all, you want to see all the details even a little further away from the stage, don't you? One manufacturer even gave it the clever name "Binocktails hip flask binoculars" - truly original. Where the magnifying glasses are located in real binoculars, the screw cap of the flask is located here. Opening, closing and pouring are convenient and uncomplicated. The thing also has a handy carrying strap - what more could you want. In any case, it is unlikely that you will be noticed at the entrance control.
⎫ The camera hip flask Also cunning and probably the most inconspicuous of the hip flasks is the camera hip flask. Because a camera is definitely something many festival goers take with them to capture lasting memories. Where you find the battery in a normal camera, here is the opening for filling and pouring. This festival gadget is indisputably a real asset for the savvy festival goer.
⎫ The hairbrush hip flask There is hardly anything that does not exist. So how about a hip flask disguised as a hairbrush? Looks harmless and it is guaranteed that no one will find out what is in the innocent brush. The brush can be opened at the lower end and the schnapps can be filled in or poured out. What's especially poppy is that you can actually use this hip flask as a brush too! As the icing on the cake, there is even a mirror on the back. The perfect beauty accessory!
⎫ The umbrella flask If you are allowed to carry umbrellas at the festival, this festival gadget is also a great thing. The handle can be unscrewed and liquid can be poured in or poured out. Also a successful camouflage. However, it is important to find out beforehand whether bringing umbrellas is allowed at the festival in question. At some events umbrellas are forbidden, because you could hurt other people with them.
⎫ The Power Bank Flask This festival gadget is most likely to be revealed as a flask in disguise, but can still be smuggled through inspection with a bit of skill. This variant is very easy to use and looks like a powerbank. And these days, no one can do without technology, so the powerbank is entirely believable.
⎫ The sun cream hip flask At the hot festival on even hotter summer days, a bottle of sun cream is really not an object to arouse suspicion with. Only on close inspection do you see what's actually hiding in the bottle - a practical hip flask for cooling spirits.What's particularly clever is that the manufacturer has given the camouflage a very special touch with false content details on the back.
⎫ The hip flask bag Most practical is our last hip flask festival gadget. A simple bag that you can actually use. This is a plastic device that can be filled up and placed at the bottom of the bag. What's especially great about this gadget is that you can really carry a lot of alcohol or, of course, other liquid here. A cleverly hidden zipper allows you to open this part and sip comfortably with the help of the also hidden drinking tube.

What's that?

Camping is simply a part of the festival. Hardcore people just lay down in the middle of the hustle and bustle on the sleeping bag, more comfortable natures build up a tent and take some festival gadgets with them, so that it is not so rustic and uncomfortable.Festival newbies are guaranteed to have a "if only I'd known that before" thought running through their heads during their first festival. That doesn't have to be the case! We present you here a few great gadgets that sweeten the camping on festival significantly!
Because let's face it, one or more nights under the open sky or in a small tent are a real test of nerves for some people - especially if you haven't brought the necessary equipment.
Don't want any nasty gastrointestinal problems? Don't forget the water filter!
Of course, the water quality in Germany is usually very good. But at a festival the hygienic conditions are typically really not the best. We therefore advise you to take a practical water filter with you. This festival gadget doesn't take up much space and saves us from many an upset stomach.
The fire bowl for romantic and safe barbecuing
A fire bowl simply makes a statement. It looks better than any rickety camping grill or the zero-eight-fifteen disposable grill from the supermarket. Noble campfire romance plus delicious food! Of course, there is a foldable and therefore easily transportable version for the festival.
A colourful assortment of small practical festival helpers
Here we introduce you to some very simple, yet super practical festival gadgets - cheap, useful and somehow super cool!
Credit card tool Multitool
This credit card sized multitool fits in any wallet or purse. It offers such practical functions as bottle opener, can opener, knife or wrench.
Key ring for the nest egg
At a festival you often don't know where to put money or even pills. Because you want to wear as little as possible on your body and also not have your wallet stolen from your jeans pocket. That's where a small keychain for some cash, pills or other small items is a good friend and helper.
Pocket ashtrays for the environmentally conscious smoker of today
Many smokers simply throw the butts on the ground. Accordingly the poor festival area and the surrounding area looks afterwards. But that doesn't have to be the case, because with a small mini ashtray on your key ring you can easily store butts, chewing gum and smaller food scraps and other rubbish and then empty the mini ashtray into a large rubbish bin whenever the opportunity arises. Environmentally conscious and hygienic!
Festival Kits for the particularly well organised
Festival survival kits are a great gift idea for festival fans or even festival newbies. These come in different scopes and price ranges. In general compilation or specifically for girls, campers, etc.
For example, a good kit contains the following:
⎫ Foldable water bottle for clean drinking water for refreshment or simply to clean up.
⎫ Rain poncho, which can also be used to sit on at times.
⎫ Sunscreen
⎫ earplugs in case you want to rest a little bit
⎫ Caffeine fruit gum as the ultimate pick-me-up
⎫ Dextrose with magnesium - for extra power
⎫ Dental care chewing gum, because the breath often smells unpleasant garlic, beer and cigarettes and opportunities to brush your teeth properly are rather rare at the festival.
⎫ Toilet covers
⎫ Disinfectant gel
⎫ LED flashlight for the keychain
⎫ Mini first aid kit - by the way, you should definitely have it with you, even if you hopefully won't need it or only rarely.
⎫ Blister plaster
⎫ Refreshing wipes
⎫ Condoms
⎫ Temporary tattoo for cool appearance without long-term consequences
⎫ Festival ribbon fastener
⎫ Matching fabric bag to store all the practical things in style
As you can see - there are incredibly many useful and fun options of festival gadgets. Which can make your life a lot easier in many cases. Just browse through our online shop and put together your own original festival package. This makes the next festival twice as much fun!








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