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Fitness is in and many people are doing sports in one form or another. In this day and age, with all the technological possibilities and the daily use of smartphones, it's no wonder that there are plenty of snazzy fitness and sports gadgets out there.
We've all become more health conscious and also a little more vain. But are a pair of jogging shoes and a cool outfit enough to motivate us to exercise, or can we be lured off the couch and away from the bag of chips more quickly and effectively with appropriate gadgets?
And then, of course, there are the real pros who actually want to optimize training with smart tools. In principle, the same gadget often serves both purposes - to get the amateur athlete off the couch and motivated, and to honestly support the professional in his serious training.
We show you what modern gadgets are available for sports and fitness!
Fitness gadgets for the home gym
Some people don't like going to the gym and would rather work out at home. This is no longer a problem, as there are numerous things you can purchase for your home without having to dig too deep into your pockets.
Typically, few people have the space (and money) to buy expensive weight benches and sports equipment - but it's not really necessary, because you can find some for your home without a big investment. This applies to all muscle groups.
For example, ab rollers are popular, with which you can train the abdominal muscles until you can hardly laugh from the pain. So if you dream of causing a stir on the beach with your six-pack, you can train towards your goal with different versions of this scooter.
Of course, six-packs are great, but they're far from everything. How about push-up grips for more effective push-ups? Due to the elevated position and the unfamiliar posture, the muscles of your body are challenged more during the workout and you see results faster.
Otherwise, there are bendable constructions for the legs that you can squeeze together, which makes for pretty legs, or elastic bands that you can use to do all sorts of different exercises, not only for legs, but also for the upper body and arms. These stretch bands are very versatile and not expensive at all.
Technology gadgets for jogging and cycling
If you then want to let your heart beat faster and higher through cardio training in addition to muscle training at home, then start jogging. If that's too much for you, you can also take a brisk walk. So that you know how long you have to do this in order to burn enough calories or to get your heart rate up enough, a pedometer is for you. The simplest version essentially actually just counts steps and possibly calories more or less accurately. Of course, the more complete the gadget, the higher the price goes. The best smartwatches not only count steps, but also pulse, calories, distance traveled and give have complete workout programs.
Safety for joggers and cyclists
People who do sports are often out and about early in the morning or later in the evening. Especially in winter it might even be still or already dark there. For safety reasons, you should therefore wear bright and conspicuous clothing and light strips, reflective bands, flashlights, etc.. attach importance. In this regard, there are plenty of sports gadgets and we strongly advise you to take a look around here.
Taking it a step further, the wireless bike signal system not only makes you visible, but also lets you flash.

The new fitness tracker

Especially when jogging or biking long distances, or exercising in hot weather, you need to pay attention to hydration. There are numerous gadgets for this, such as backpacks, belt pouches, etc. with hose systems and water containers. Since you can jogging or cycling just suck on the tube and drink without having to stop. Foldable water bottles are also convenient and can be easily stored away when empty.
through which you not only draw attention to yourself as a driver, but with which you can also flash! Definitely a must for cyclists who are also on the road during the dark.
Wacky gift ideas: unusual fitness gadgets for athletes
A real craze last year was running masks that look a bit like a Batman mask. They make it harder to breathe while exercising and you get better endurance over time as your lungs have to work harder - not everyone's cup of tea, but effective.
Otherwise, you can find a lot of original gifts depending on the sport that the recipient does as a hobby. There are plenty of useful gadgets for golfers, as well as for skiers, horse riders, footballers and any other sport.
The 15 best fitness gadgets, sports gadgets and fitness tools for the holidays
If you are a real sportsman, you also want to be active on holiday and accordingly like to go climbing, cycling, swimming, etc. - and of course there are plenty of sports gadgets for this.
Of course, these fitness gadgets are not just for holidays...
So here's our list of really useful sports gadgets for home and on the go.
Fitness Watch
With a fitness running watch - e.g. from market leader Garmin - both amateur athletes and ambitious professionals keep track of their respective sporting achievements and goals. This way you can really and honestly optimize your training plan. Displayed are e.g. heart rate, steps taken and calories burned. You can also connect to your smartphone for notifications, live tracking, emails or calls, among other things. Typically, with most providers, you have access to workout plans and can connect the fitness watch to your computer, giving you a real overview and good control over your progress and achievements. These sports gadgets work with GPS and are a real all-round solution.
Fitness bracelet
Fitness wristbands are similar to the fitness wristwatch, but just really limited to the fitness function. They also help you optimize your training and record progress and performance. The fitness gadget also provides valuable information about heart rate, calories burned and fitness level. Again, tracking is done via GPS and the gadget can be connected to your smartphone. Definitely one of the most popular sports gadgets on the market.
Multi-piece fitness band set with instructions
Whether at home, or on the campsite or in the hotel, with these multi-part sets, which are available from different suppliers, you can efficiently exercise no matter where. With the different bands you can really train the complete body and become a real little Adonis.
The set includes several fitness bands in different strengths, padded handles, foot straps, door anchors, a practical carrying bag for storage and a training manual with numerous exercises.
Wooden gymnastic rings or TRX with instructions
Gym rings and the great TRX are designed for suspension training and are easy to use in your own home or hotel room. Simply attach it to the door with the door anchor and get started. They provide an incredibly comprehensive full body workout, and not just for muscles, but for cardio as well. The possibilities are almost endless, so that boredom can hardly arise.
Hand trainer set
On the other hand, the hand trainer set is aimed at a specific part of the body and is particularly suitable for climbers, musicians or after an injury. After just a few days of training, the hands and grip are strengthened. This sports gadget can also be easily taken along on trips.
Back and abdominal trainer
For the back and abdomen, there are also several good options of relatively small and inexpensive fitness gadgets, whether rollers, sliders or whatever, the gadgets are easy to store or carry around and strengthen our back and abdominal muscles.
Skipping ropes with counter
A fun and enjoyable cardio workout is good old jumping rope. It's twice as much fun with a built-in counter, because it spurs you on to break your own record.
Anti-slip towel for yoga and sports
Those who like to do exercises on the floor or yoga at home often have to struggle with slippery floors. This does not have to be, because now there are non-slip towels and mats that can be easily stored and taken along. So you can train no matter where in peace.
Sports headphones
For most people, jogging or cycling is no longer possible without music, because the music drives away the boredom, motivates and brings you immediately in momentum. That's why there are great Bluetooth headphones without annoying cables, with which you can listen to music comfortably. Of course, these sports gadgets should be sweat and water resistant, so that neither bad weather nor the inevitable sweating can stop the fun and music enjoyment. Of course, the Bluetooth sports headband with integrated headphones and headset is particularly nifty. By the way, this is also perfectly suitable for other situations, e.g. when travelling by plane or similar.
Other Sport Gadgets
Other than that, you can also find all sorts of fun and less useful sports gadgets. These, like all other gadgets, sweeten your everyday life with humor. This includes fun sports gear, water bottles, helmets and the like. Just have a look around in our category sports and fitness gadgets - we have something for everyone!








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