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Barbecues are one of the most popular forms of summer celebrations among friends or family. It's just a ton of fun, tastes delicious, and is an easy thing to make for a party. However, you need quite a few accessories to make the barbecue party a real success. Nowadays, there are numerous modern grill gadgets that make the work of the motivated grill master much easier. In addition to the technical barbecue gadgets, there are of course also fun gadgets for the party, so that the mood really comes up and the barbecue is even more fun. By the way, grill gadgets are also a great gift idea!
Grill Gadgets: What you don't need, but should have!
First of all, a note against possible objections that the man actually does not need all the bells and whistles. That may be true, but after all, ladies don't need 20 pairs of shoes, do they?
Smart grill gadgets that make life easier
So barbecuing is the highlight of summer for us! Working on an open fire or embers somehow awakens the primal instincts, especially in men. But of course, nowadays you don't sit in front of the cave entrance wrapped in saber-toothed tiger skin and desperately try to start the fire with a flint. No, that's what handy gadgets are for these days!
Barbecue lighter - the indispensable gadget
In order to be able to grill at all, the grill, if it is a charcoal grill, must of course first be started. And that is often not so easy and also quite dangerous. Every year thousands of hobby cooks end up in hospital with burns. Particularly dangerous are liquid barbecue lighters or - even worse - petrol, spirit and the like, which are poured into the fire without hesitation.
Therefore, modern barbecue gadgets that are easy and safe to use are advisable.
There are four categories of barbecue lighters:
⎫ chemical barbecue lighter
⎫ electric barbecue lighter
⎫ Ignition stoves
⎫ Hot air blower
Everyone knows the chemical barbecue lighters, which are lit in liquid, gel or solid form and then ignite the actual fuel - more precisely the charcoal or briquettes.
Electric grill lighters have a heating coil that lights the coals from below.
Hot air blowers are merely passed over the coal to start the fire and do not come into contact with the fuel itself at all. By the way, you can combine the useful with the funny here, which is the whole point of gadgets. For example, there is a barbecue hairdryer in Heinz ketchup look. There is a crank on the side that makes sure hot air comes out of the tip. This way you kill two birds with one stone, the coals glow faster and there's bound to be a laugh or two!
The lighting chimney uses the so-called chimney effect to heat up the barbecue as quickly and effectively as possible.
Chemical barbecue lighters are not entirely harmless to one's own health and the environment, although there is now of course an organic version.
At first glance, electric barbecue lighters seem to be the best alternative to chemical barbecue lighters. However, these lighters of course have the disadvantage that you have to have a power source nearby, and that's often not the case when you're grilling outdoors. So be careful when planning the barbecue!
Therefore, the lighting chimney, which works without electricity, is particularly recommended. It only needs to be purchased once and can then be used for many barbecues. It is easy to use - even by complete beginners - and unlike chemical lighters, it is completely harmless to your health.
Balcony Flowerpot Grill
Of course, before you can fire up the grill, you have to have one. In addition to the traditional more or less sophisticated options of charcoal, gas and infrared grills, there are also grill options of a more unusual kind. For example, the practical flower box grill for city grillers. The good piece looks like an ordinary flower box, but is in fact a fully functional grill. If you don't need it as a barbecue for a longer period of time, you can actually equip it with flowers and other plants - an all-round versatile gadget.

Barbecue ideas and more

The environmentally friendly disposable barbecue
If you want to have a barbecue while hiking or cycling during your break at lunchtime, you can buy a practical disposable barbecue. This is easy to take with you as it is compact and weighs hardly anything. This great gadget is available in 100% biodegradable materials - so you can barbecue with a clear conscience.
Grill gadgets for grilling burgers
Burger grilling is part of barbecue for a real man like the amen in the church. However, it should of course be real burgers for gourmets around not frozen things from the assembly line.
However, the perfect burger from the grill is often a not so simple thing. The meatball press is just the thing! Because this makes beautiful round and even meatballs out of the meat mixture. This grill gadgets can also be used in winter in the kitchen, because hamburger du Co. are finally appreciated throughout the year and you sizzle them in pans.
Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer
The really experienced and ambitious barbecue chef of course needs a thermometer to constantly check the temperature of the sophisticated barbecue creations. Long gone are the days when a simple thermometer was stuck into the meat at regular intervals or all the time. Because now there's a cool thermometer for hot temperatures. Bluetooth and app included. This allows you to monitor what's happening inside the meat via app throughout. SO every steak is guaranteed to be grilled to perfection - unless the grill master gets distracted and doesn't pay attention to the temperature. The whole thing works in some cases not only with smartphone but also with iPad and tablet.
Barbecue belt for do-it-yourselfers
Less smart and zero technical is what this barbecue gadget is all about, but that doesn't make it any less practical.
Every barbecue knows this, sometimes you just don't know where to put all the cutlery, gadgets, accessories and possibly the beer bottle for some much needed and well deserved refreshment. The barbecue belt for hobby chefs is just the thing. It's basically like belts for do-it-yourselfers. But instead of a hammer, screwdriver and tape measure, you can store a barbecue knife, barbecue tongs, lighter and beer bottle here and have everything important always at hand.
Barbecue cutlery case
There are of course also complete barbecue cases, partly as a very extensive 25-piece set, with which you can make a hobby barbecue master a huge joy - certainly a great gift. These sets are available in a very serious and classy way, or with a fun factor - for example in the form of a golf club bag or similar.
Grill gadgets to clean the grill
Barbecues are fun and everyone has a bright time - except the poor soul who has to clean everything at the end. Because a really dirty grill grate with burnt meat residues and lots of soot and grease is truly no cleaning pleasure. That's why grill gadgets to clean up are especially popular right now.
An electric grill grate cleaner or even the Grill Bot - a nifty little robot for cleaning the grill - will take care of the dirty business all by itself.
Admittedly, the fun isn't cheap, but it's worth every penny. Especially in view of the fact that it can also clean the normal oven in the kitchen.
Other barbecue gadgets that should not be missing at any barbecue party
Besides the actual grill gadgets, there are also some other gadgets around the grill party. Here are a few examples, the list is of course even longer and you can certainly find other useful and fun gadgets here in our category...:
⎫ Ice cube machine Of course, ice-cold drinks are also part of a hearty barbecue party on hot summer days. However, we often run out of ice cubes. An ice cube machine skilfully prevents this. It's best to have them right on the spot so you don't have to keep fetching ice cubes.
⎫ Braufässchen The beer keg is also simply part of the barbecue. You can create your own beer with a hearty brewpub.
⎫ Ketchup Gun Ketchup, mustard and mayo are the icing on every sausage. The ketchup gun is a great option, because it is a real eye-catcher and ensures a big hello with the guests.
⎫ Branding iron Really original is a branding iron for the steak. Best if you can personalize it yourself. But ready-made branding irons are also fun. For example, how about branding it "mine" and "yours"? At least then no doubts arise as to whom the delicious steak is intended for.
⎫ Popcorn Popper Want some popcorn for dessert? The practical popcorn popper for the grill makes it possible without any problems. Especially at barbecues with children a real hit.
⎫ Beer Holster Every grill master who sweats on hot days at the och hotter grill has right to a cool beer. But where to put it so you always have it handy? The Beer Holster is the perfect solution. This way you can wear the beer directly on your belt and reach for it in a flash, like John Wayne reaching for a pistol, and drink the delicious hop beverage.
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