Pool and garden

Gadgets are available for all areas of life and so of course also for the garden and the pool. It is self-evident to distinguish between really useful and innovative gadgets and rather funny garden and poll gadgets with fun factor. Or sometimes, of course, a combination of the two.
Innovative garden gadgets that make work easier
When you think of gardening, the first thing that comes to mind is mowing. Depending on the size of the garden, this can mean quite a bit of work. If you don't want to sweat it yourself, you're probably paying the neighbor's boy - or you're getting a great robotic mower. Because just as there are now robots for vacuuming, pool cleaning and window washing, there are finally practical robotic mowers. Even though the purchase may not be cheap, it will certainly pay for itself in the long run.
Also, the robot for gutter cleaning can be an incredible labor saver for the gazebo, weekend cottage and/or residence.
And those who have a pool will certainly enjoy the pool robot.
All these garden and pool gadgets practically find their way on their own and you hardly have to do anything, except of course get the thing going.
A second chore that is inevitable in any garden is watering the dear plants during the dry summer. For this, too, you have to spend quite a bit of time and patience. Or you can get some great garden gadgets for watering.
There's a reason why digital irrigation systems are at the forefront of gardening enthusiasts and gadgets fans' minds.
Those who like really modern technology will be delighted with the smartphone irrigation system. This smart irrigation system can be conveniently controlled from anywhere using your smartphone.
Those who want a total overview of the state of their garden can also find out about the health of their beloved plants via smartphone and with the help of sophisticated sensors.
Grill gadgets
Once the yard is mowed and watered and the pool is clean and the gutters are cleaned, you probably want to enjoy it all by having a nice barbecue party. Of course, there are plenty of gadgets for this as well.
Firstly, there are the barbecues themselves, which come in all sorts of great versions, whether coal, gas or infrared - everyone can find the right one.
On the other hand, there are fun accessories for the barbecue party, from aprons for the ambitious hobby cook, to decorations for the party, barbecue tongs, fun bowls, practical lighters to start the barbecue and much more. Just have a look at the category, you will surely find something nice.

Grill Gadgets!

If the classics of grilling, i.e. steak and bratwurst, are no longer enough for you, you can also use the latest gadgets to make popcorn on the grill. For a dessert or as a nibble, the popcorn pan with an extra long handle is perfect. Simply fill the pan with corn kernels and salt or sugar and seal. Pretty soon it starts popping and popping and shortly after you can nibble on some great popcorn.
Fire without smoke, so that a dessert from the grill also tastes good? Or maybe you've been tired of the acrid smoke and spirit smell for a while anyway?
The smart Zero Smoke System ensures significantly less smoke on the barbecue. Here, a fuel paste made from ethanol heats the coal in a kindling chimney. In contrast to the classic spirit barbecue lighter, the smoke development and above all the odour development are kept to a minimum.
If you want to create a really good spicy taste, you can mix the charcoal with Wood Smoking Chips. The wood chips used to be whiskey barrels, sensibly enough, and now give their aroma to the flames. And any amateur chef knows that the flavor is passed from the fire to the meat. A delicious taste awaits the impatient gourmands.
But there's a lot more variety from the grill than bratwurst, steak, and more recently, as previously reported, popcorn.
Great is the pizza stone for real stone oven enjoyment. With its help, you can create incredibly delicious pizza on the grill. The Pizza Stone proves that it's not always meat that has to be on the grill. And baking pizza on the grill grate is easier than expected with this gadget: put the stone on the grill, let it get hot, bake the pizza on it - and enjoy.
In terms of accessories, the marinade syringe is a real hit. It can be used to inject delicious marinades, sauces, juices and liquid seasonings into the meat. This is not only quicker than the more tedious marinating, but also makes the meat wonderfully juicy.
The nifty barbecue thermometer is also practical, as this gadget can be used to ensure the perfect cooking point of steaks on the barbecue. Very sophisticated thermometers have Bluetooth function and you can get all the information via app on your smartphone,
Also practical and fun are the special barbecue skewers, with which you can easily attach small pieces of vegetables or even seafood such as shrimp. Grill masters can use this gadget to turn the small pieces much easier and grill them more evenly. Because the pieces no longer constantly slip through the grid and into the coal.
Unusual is the salt plate that you put on the grill. The manufacturers promise a unique taste experience. Simply place the approx. 2 centimetre thick plate on the grill and then grill meat and vegetables on it. However, the food must be placed on the grill unsalted and unmarinated, otherwise it will be too salty. Another plus is that with the great salt plate, charred meat is a thing of the past.
And if you don't feel like cleaning up at the end of the barbecue fun, just put the Grill-Bot on the grill and the eager little robot will do the dirty work for the exhausted grill master while he enjoys a cold beer.
Great water and pool gadgets
Also in this category you will find all kinds of great pool gadgets. Because these days, many proud backyard owners also have a pool. Be it as a full version, or as a pool to set up. Or maybe just a paddling pool to inflate for cool feet on hot days? Anyway, pool gadgets are always great.
Water mattresses for sunbathing in the cool water are always popular. Swaying on gentle waves, taking it easy and possibly sipping a cool drink - what more could you want. Here, of course, there are all sorts of versions for this handy gadget.
Alternatively, there are more comfortable water chairs with drink holders or the super comfortable water hammocks.
Of course, beverage stops are also popular, for example, in the form of a mini-island.
You can also find plenty of pool and garden gadgets for sports. Whether refined badminton and softball sets, volleyball net and basketball hoop for the pool.
Other than that, all you need is music to really enjoy the pool and backyard party. Here, too, there is a wide range of gadgets that can stand a splash of water, or in the case of the garden gadgets, a small rain shower. Bluetooth speakers in stone décor are particularly chic and blend in naturally with the beautiful garden.
Conclusion about garden and pool gadgets
There is a huge selection of functional, practical but also simply fun garden and pool gadgets. We offer a huge selection in this category and are sure to have something suitable for you - just browse for yourself!








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