When you think of survival gadgets, the famous escape backpack immediately comes to mind. The Doomsday Preppers are particularly well known in the USA. They prepare for any apocalyptic catastrophe - from nuclear war to meteorite impact.
Even serious experts advise stockpiling some emergency supplies as part of the civil defense plan.
However, the Americans are undisputedly in the lead with their survival gadgets.
We describe here a classic escape backpack - or emergency backpack with its gadgets, but survival gadgets are not only for an emergency backpack, but also for camping, hiking, etc. quite useful.
What makes a good survival backpack?
Before5 we go into the contents, we want to very briefly give you a few tips on the survival backpack.
This should be made of first-class, hard-wearing materials and of course be processed to an absolutely high standard. Military backpacks are the best, because they are really professional and must be able to withstand a lot.
In addition to high resistance, however, wearing comfort is also important, because you typically have to cover quite a few miles with the good piece on your hump - whether hiking or actually on the run.
A little pro tip: Buy the backpack at the end, because then you know how much equipment, ie survival gadgets you have to accommodate.
One point of contention is how big the backpack should be. Some think that the smaller and handier the better, others think that the backpack must still have room for the unexpected when packed, so you should always buy one size bigger.
In the meantime, even larger models no longer weigh much, which is why it is better to buy a little bigger if in doubt.
Survival gadgets for warming and heating
Starting a fire for warmth and to keep wild animals away is important. That's why gadgets for making fire are definitely part of the basic equipment. By the way, it's best not to limit yourself to just one option, because if for some reason that option doesn't work, you'll have options B and C.
Options are special lighters, flints and a pack of good old matches - even if not a gadget - of course, should not be missing.
The FlashTorch is particularly ingenious. It is a flashlight that not only provides light, but also heat. It is so strong that it can set fire to paper or even serve as a hotplate.
This flashlight has a durable aluminum housing with lightsaber optics and is the best friend when camping. Because besides an insanely bright and powerful light, it also gives off enough waste heat to start a fire.
Survival gadgets for drinking water
The supply of clean drinking water is one of the important aspects of survival. Because you can go much longer without food, so without drinking water. Especially when you have to do a lot of physical work - for example, when you have to walk for miles - your body loses water. Without water, the human organs no longer function properly, mental stability decreases, one has less energy and, in the worst case, hallucinations can even occur.
But of course you can't carry gallons of water in your backpack. A good aluminium drinking bottle should of course not be missing. This can then be filled whenever you find clean water.
In the event that fresh drinking water is not available, emergency water filters have been proven to turn contaminated water into good drinking water. Water disinfection tablets are also another good idea. They prepare normal, contaminated water into drinking water, but are much more handy than the water filter.

Survival in the wilderness

Of course, you also need to be able to survive the night outdoors, and you'll need the appropriate gear to do so. Tents that are particularly easy and quick to set up, inflatable sleeping mats, space-saving sleeping hammocks, special outdoor tarpaulins and similar gadgets have proven themselves here. Of course, everything has to be as light and space-saving as possible.
Survival gadgets for eating and cooking
IN the backpack of course the following things should not be missing:
⎫ Energy bar
⎫ Protein bar
⎫ Dried meat
⎫ BP-5 or NRG-5 Emergency Food
⎫ ready-to-eat survival food
⎫ Dextrose
⎫ Vitamins
However, none of these are gadgets. As far as these are concerned, the most important thing to think about is ways to heat food. A handy barbecue to take along is popular here. For cooking, you should also think about aluminum pots. They are light and therefore easy to take with you and you can cook anything over the fire in them.
Survival gadgets in the field of medicine/hygiene/health
A well-stocked first aid kit is essential. Also, be sure to carry an anti-mosquito net. A folding camping shower that you can fill with water and hang on a tree when needed helps with personal hygiene.
A retractable fishing line with hook can be a valuable tool. You may be able to hunt smaller animals with a good slingshot.
A good hunting knife should also not be missing in the luggage of the survivalist.
Survival Tools
There are special survival tool kits that combine in one set everything that is important for survival and camping, for example:
⎫ Fire starter
⎫ Scraper
⎫ Compass
⎫ Swiss map
⎫ Flashlight
⎫ Pipe
⎫ Folding Knife/Military Knife
⎫ Tactical pen
⎫ Black Box
⎫ tactical pen is for breaking car glass
The whole thing usually weighs about 1 pound and is very compact, making it easy to carry around.
Survival Gadget Light Sources
Various light sources come into question here. Besides a good flashlight (don't forget the batteries), headlamps are of course also very practical, as you have your hands free.
Especially practical are lamps that can be charged during the day with the help of solar cells, because on a longer survival adventure the batteries are quickly empty and electricity for recharging batteries is usually not available.
Communication devices
Experienced preppers swear by a solar-powered radio. Particularly practical if other batteries, such as those of a flashlight, can also be charged with it.
Of course, not to be forgotten in this day and age is a durable and sturdy cell phone or maybe even tablet. There are now even real survival tablets - no joke.
Tech gadgets for survival
A GPS navigation system is certainly a practical thing, but you should always have a conventional compass with you, because you may not be able to charge the GPS battery for a long time.
Tech geeks also like to take night vision, binoculars, thermal imaging cameras, or walkie-talkies.
By the way, many of the modern watches cover a variety of survival functions. For example, these watches often have integrated altimeters, a barometer, a compass, and thermometers - all in a tiny space.
Conclusion Survival Gadgets
As you can see, there are a lot of survival gadgets and you should think about what you want to take with you before you go hiking, camping or putting together your escape backpack - after all, the whole thing has to be stowed in the backpack and the load capacity of your back has its limits. At the top should be thought about drinking water, heat and place to sleep. Also medical aspect should not be neglected.








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