Incredible Travel Gadgets

Of course, a true gadget freak needs smart travel support. In this category you will find practical travel gadgets for travel and vacation.
In principle, you can distinguish between technology gadgets and travel accessories. The latter are very practical and make being on the go easier, while the tech gadgets have mainly a fun factor.
Technology Travel Gadgets
For active holidaymakers, the Action Cam is an absolute must. For those who shy away from the price of the market leader GoPro, there are now also very good cheaper alternatives. The handling is anyway very similar whether cheap or expensive model.
Action cams are considered one of the most popular travel gadgets. The reasons for this are obvious. For one thing, recordings can be started quickly and from anywhere. These great cameras can be mounted almost anywhere - on a helmet, surfboard, motorcycle or bicycle. Thus, you can film insanely fast-paced videos while practicing your favorite sport.
In addition, the camera naturally works in quieter situations, such as sightseeing.
Since the Action Cam is waterproof, you don't have to worry about a surprise downpour. However, for serious diving you need a special underwater action cam. Because cheaper alternatives are waterproof for use on the surfboard or in a rainstorm on the bike. They are not up to the water pressure when diving.
For selfies, there is a matching selfie stick. In short: Action Cams are the perfect companion for holidays and travel!
With a travel hotspot, you gain independence from hotel WLAN or WLAN in restaurants, cafés or public institutions. You just have to buy a cheap Traveller-SIM in the country you are travelling to and plug it into your mobile WLAN router - and you can start surfing without any worries! Since these travel routers are so handy, there is now a wide range of this useful travel gadget.
The case is about the size of a smartphone, which makes it easy to fit this handy travel hotspot into a backpack or fanny pack, or even a pocket.
Noise cancelling travel headphones are another incredibly useful tech holiday gadget.
These types of headphones make traveling by plane, buses, and trains much more relaxing. In addition, they also help to ensure that you can still work with concentration in places with a lot of background noise.
The method is also called Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and requires headphones or a headset equipped with special noise compensation technology to function. Here, multiple microphones are attached to noise cancelling travel headphones to analyze the ambient noise. The headphones then emit appropriate counter noise that eliminates the unpleasant noise.
The noise cancelling is activated via a switch and should only be switched on when you actually need it due to the power consumption.
There are essentially two versions - one with Bluetooth or a traditional wired one. With the Bluetooth headphones, you have more freedom of movement, of course, but the battery is empty even faster.
Besides the choice of Bluetooth, USB or jack connection, there is another important difference. So you can opt for the over-ear or in-ear variant. The over ear version is more sophisticated and blocks out annoying background noise better, but the in-ear version is easier to carry around.

Useful travel utensils

Business travellers in particular, but also holidaymakers who take chic and elegant clothes with them that may need ironing, rely on the hotel to provide an iron. Or you have to pay dearly for ironing, if it is offered at all. Many a traveler has certainly grown gray hairs over this issue. The practical travel iron can provide a remedy.
If business or formal appointments are to be attended after the trip, simply unpack the mini iron and smooth out the wrinkles.
A travel iron is basically a full-fledged iron (including steam). The difference to the conventional iron lies in the compact dimensions and the light weight.
Usually 115 V and 230 V voltage are supported, so you can make wrinkled clothes presentable practically around the world. A travel adapter may still be required.
If you do not want to do without comfort and hygiene on holiday, you are probably well advised to use a travel mattress topper. Because this helps to increase the sleeping comfort in the hotel bed. Besides, you never know who has lain in bed before you and how clean the hotel bed actually is. If you sleep on your own topper, you can close your eyes and count sheep.
Allergy sufferers in particular appreciate the additional level of hygiene.
A mattress topper for holidays has particularly compact pack dimensions and can easily be brought from home to ensure hygiene and comfort in the hotel.
Of course, the travel toppers should definitely be washable, so really pay attention to that when buying!
Those who like to have it especially comfortable and clean, create a complete travel sleeping set. In addition to the topper, this also includes a separate pillow in the desired hardness.
People who travel a lot are often - perhaps rightly - afraid that the data on their credit or debit cards, as well as on their machine-readable passports and ID cards, could be read and stolen. Therefore, blockers and protective covers for RFID chips / NFC antennas are quite useful travel gadgets.
The biometric passport, like most credit and debit cards now, contains an RFID chip or NFC antenna.
RFID/NFC technology makes many things easier. Instead of the much more tedious, outdated card payment process, where the card had to be inserted into the reader or swiped, nowadays you just have to hold the card near the reader.
Although this is very practical at first sight, there is also the danger that a card is read "by mistake" or is secretly read and copied by sleepers.
So what if a hacker reads the card or passport in passing?
For this purpose, there are now special protective covers or even entire wallets that protect documents and credit cards from being read unintentionally.
The practical beach safe also offers protection against - quite ordinary - theft. Because everyone who likes to go to the beach knows this. You want to go into the water and you don't know where to keep your money, mobile phone, car keys, etc. safe and protect them from thieves. The practical beach safe in the form of a beer or beverage can is worth its weight in gold.
Disguised as lemonade or beer, the small safe lies carefree and inconspicuous on the bath towel and no one suspects what is hiding inside.
Anyone who flies a lot knows that - the air in the plane is usually bad and riddled with pathogens. Particularly sensitive natures therefore swear by the air ionizer to hang around their neck. This filters the pollutants out of the air directly before inhalation. In addition, the practical air ionizer also protects you from bad odors. Just strap the great air purifier around your neck and breathe fresh and pollutant-free air freely and unbiased.
If you don't have the travel hotspot already described and are dependent on finding public WLAN hotspots, the following gadget is ideal and really clever. Especially in big cities there are many free WLAN hotspots, but you have to find them first. If you have to constantly reach into your pocket and search with your mobile phone, you will quickly become annoyed and also lose a lot of time.
The insanely useful WiFi Detector Shirt provides a clever remedy. This is because it shows you directly whether you are in an area where WLAN is available free of charge.
Conclusion Travel and Holiday Gadgets
Of course there are many more options of great travel gadgets, we just wanted to introduce you to a few really cool things. The best thing is to have a look around in this category and get inspired.
One thing is certain: a true gadget fan wants to be well equipped when travelling and on holiday, and enjoys technical innovations and groundbreaking technology.








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