3in1 Multi USB charging cable type C

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Invest in this unique 3in1 multi-USB charging cable and save time charging your phones!

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The multiple USB cable has a perfect length. This allows you to charge your devices comfortably and you are not limited by the length of the cable.  Invest in this multi charger that will meet all your needs!

You can be sure of an incredibly fast charging speed. It has a human design that allows multiple devices and simultaneous charging. It supports 2.4A current to charge your 3 devices simultaneously. What could be better to save you time and money!

The Type C charger is universally compatible with most intelligent devices. The wire is made of high quality elastic TPE material. This makes the wire easy to store and does not get tangled. The charging cable is durable and you can bend it several times without damage.

You can easily store it in your handbag, backpack, briefcase, purse and a travel bag. It is an excellent choice for charging in the car, at home, in the hotel, in the office, at school and other places. Super fits all cases, including Life proof & Otter box cases.

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