Luminous LED Fidget Spinner Stress Relief Toy


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Always have this simple device with you; it is a great stress relieving hand toy. That is worth every penny!

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Invest in this great toy it will help you work on your anxiety. The fidget spinner is also a creative toy for Autisim and ADHD that will help anyone focus more.  Always have this adorable hand top spinner device at the office, in class, in your study room, in a meeting or even while watching TV.

If you are struggling with bad habits like smoking or nail biting, this luminous LED light fidget spinner will come in handy. The toy is known to help in curbing the unwanted habits; instead of fidgeting with your finger nails or smoking, grab the spinner and play with it.

Durability and safety is guaranteed! The toy is made from high quality metal material that is strong and can withstand shocks when the spinner drops off. It is eco-friendly and skin friendly; can be used by children 3 years old and above.

Great for bachelorette party, graduation party supplies, kids birthday party, Anniversaries, Weddings, Christmas, Halloween, celebrations, New Year Party or any other cheerful events. It is a creative hit for the birthday goodie bags!

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5-7 Years, 8-11 Years, > 3 years old, > 6 years old, 12-15 Years, > 8 years old, > 14 years old

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