3D pens are all the rage

All about 3D Printers & 3D Pens

3D pens and 3D printers have become very fashionable. No wonder, because with these tools you can give free rein to your creativity. We will show you here what is important!
What is a 3D pen?
A 3D pen is a drawing pen that draws with molten plastic. In this process, a special plastic is heated and then applied in layers. The 3D printer uses the same principle, which is why drawing with a 3D pen is often referred to as printing.
When drawing the 3D figure, a 3D printer is operated as a pen with one hand. It's a bit like using a hot glue gun too. On the back side the filament is inserted and transported to the tip (nozzle) with the help of an integrated motor. In the process, the plastic travels a path through the housing, in which a heating element is integrated that causes the filament to melt. The extruded plastic then hardens in a few seconds in the air. At the end you have a three-dimensional object, individually printed.
Unique creativity - this speaks for the purchase of the 3D pen
3D printer pens have been growing in popularity lately - and it's no wonder. Educational institutions, industry, designers, artists and hobby draftsmen use the versatile 3D pen in all kinds of fields.
While in schools or universities the 3D printing pen is mainly used in education, designers and also engineers often create first prototypes with the great pen cheaply and quickly. For experienced artists even complete 3D sculptures are no problem.
If you like to tinker and get creative yourself, you can use the 3D pens to create decorative objects, toys, jewellery and all kinds of accessories.
In short, drawing and painting with a 3D crayon is one thing above all: extremely fun!
The plus points of the 3D printer pens at a glance:

⎫ Creativity and skill are encouraged
⎫ Design something beautiful and unique with your own hands
⎫ Fun, fun and fun again

3D printer

Buying criteria for a 3D pen
When buying 3D pens, various criteria play a role. Because, of course, there are all kinds of suppliers, models, price ranges and technical features. So compare the different criteria and find the perfect solution for you:
⎫ Print speed A continuously adjustable print speed makes it easier to switch between detailed work and rough tasks. Simple strands can be printed more easily and fixed precisely at a slower speed. If you want to work on large areas, a faster speed is more advantageous.
⎫ Heating time
The heating time is the time until the 3D pen is ready for use. During this period, the integrated heating element is brought to operating temperature (similar to a hot glue gun or espresso machine). The shorter the heating time, the more advantageous.
⎫ Weight The higher the weight of the 3D pen, the less pleasant it is to work with the gadget. So you should go for a gadget that is lightweight and fits well in your hand.
⎫ Double-click function This function facilitates operation during 3D drawing. The first click heats the filament into a thin plastic filament that is pressed out. Clicking again will then stop the flow of hot plastic.
⎫ Cleaning kit You should definitely clean the 3D pen from time to time - especially after prolonged use, or if a nozzle is clogged. For this purpose there is a special cleaning kit, which contains a special filament or tool, with which you can easily remove residues.
⎫ Printing material This is called filament. ABS and PLA filament are common, although there are pens that can only use one of the two, while others can handle both.
⎫ the design and usability
⎫ Costs The costs depend on the preceding aspects. Some particularly luxurious and high-end models are quite expensive, while there are already quite affordable options on the market for hobby use.
3D printer
What you do by hand with the 3D pen, the 3D printer takes over and does it automatically. While in the past 3D printers were mainly reserved for research institutes and industry, there are now also affordable 3D printers for home use.
Meanwhile, there are even self-built 3D printers. However, apart from the name, they have little in common with traditional printers because they do not produce photos or A4 text pages; instead, they produce three-dimensional objects.
Even though the prices aren't cheap, a 3D printer pays for itself pretty quickly in model making. In addition, the printed models can be embellished individually and very creatively.
The best thing to do is check out the options we've put together here!








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