Everything for your iPhone

The iPhone is certainly the most popular smartphone on the market. It combines modern technology with timeless design and intuitive operation. Approximately every second smartphone user is an iPhone owner and of course there is an attractive and extensive market of iPhone gadgets and Apple accessories.
Sooner or later, every iPhone user gets the idea of adding features to their own smartphone - and the selection of successful iPhone gadgets is huge!
We'll show you a few good examples of iPhone gadgets here, but of course there are many more. If you are interested just have a look around in the shop!
The smart PopSockets from the manufacturer of the same name are retractable sockets with a handle. These are glued to the back of the iPhone or alternatively to the protective case. With them, you gain a much better grip and easier handling with the smartphone. This helps, for example, with the fact that the mobile phone no longer falls out of the hand so easily. Especially for taking pictures, this is quite useful.
When you want to watch a movie on your iPhone, the PopSockets serve as a convenient prop so you don't have to lean your iPhone against other objects.
The PopSockets can be easily retracted, so that the iPhone becomes only a little bit thicker and still fits in your handbag or pocket.
If you get tired of the PopSocket, you can peel them off and attach them to another device thanks to the recyclable adhesive.
It is also practical that you can wind up the headphone cables very well at the PopSocket.
The smart little helpers are available in many different colours and patterns, so that everyone is sure to find something suitable.
Bluetooth transmitter
If you would like to connect headphones or speakers to your iPhone via Bluetooth, but these devices may not be Bluetooth capable, then you should get the practical Bluetooth Transmitter.
In a way, the Bluetooth Transmitter serves as an adapter to extend your audio connection. So he's kind of upgrading these devices. The receiver itself has Bluetooth version 4.1. By the way, the great adapter can be used as a transmitter and as a receiver depending on your needs. The Bluetooth receiver can be connected to two devices at the same time, the only condition being that the devices are no more than ten metres apart. The connection is established wirelessly and already known devices connect automatically.
The battery life of the adapter is 9 hours as a receiver and even 10 hours as a transmitter. The battery is recharged within 2 hours. Charging is done via USB cable on the power supply or on the computer.

Mounts and docks

Multifunctional holder
Similar to the PopSockets, the iPhone beanbag serves to place the iPhone in any position. This is especially useful when watching YouTube videos or movies on iPhone, or perhaps reading something longer. By simply crumpling and pressing in the desired position, you can hold the iPhone wonderfully stable in the desired position.
The practical gadget can be used on any surface. It does not matter whether the surface is uneven or flat, mirror-smooth or roughened.
The sophisticated cushion is available in silver, red, blue, yellow and camouflage.
Bicycle sensor
A great iPhone gadget for bike enthusiasts is a bike sensor. This nifty velocomputer can measure and evaluate your speed and cadence. The evaluation of the cadence is exact up to 1 degree. The analysis is then transmitted via Bluetooth to the iPhone or optionally to other devices such as smartwatches.
For the whole thing to work you just have to download a corresponding app beforehand. This is free of charge and uncomplicated and is therefore not a problem.
The bike sensor is powered by batteries. This has an operating life of approximately 12 months - although this may vary depending on use and usage. The Velocomputer is of course waterproof and can be used in all weather conditions.
Drone with mini VGA camera
A very special fun is certainly a mini drone, which is operated with Bluetooth via the app FreeFlight 3. This app is also available for free in the App Store. For example, there are drones equipped with a mini VGA (480×640) camera with 300,000 pixels that allow snapshots. In addition, the drone offers precision glides of up to 18 km/h or 11 mph.
The drone can be launched by simply throwing it into the air, which will automatically start its flight. The weight is extremely light at only 54 grams. Nevertheless, the drone is quite stable and can withstand what. The range is 20 meters.
The drone is powered by battery, which can be fully charged within 25 minutes via USB cable and then has a runtime of about 7-9 minutes.
Hands-free kit
Another handy gadget that just can't be missing is a hands-free car kit. For example, there are options where two devices can be connected via Bluetooth, which then connect to the speakerphone.
The machine remembers the devices and connects automatically the next time. The whole thing is attached to the sun visor by a clamp.
In standby mode, the battery life is about 1000 hours, the talk time is about 20 hours.
The battery can be charged with the mini-USB car charger or a USB cable via the PC or a power supply. Many devices also come with a matching mobile phone holder for the windscreen.
Modern handsfree kits now have double noise cancellation so that you can hear the person you are talking to very well and understand them clearly.
As you can see, there's a lot of useful stuff on the gadget market for iPhones that will help you really exploit the potential of your beloved smartphone.








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