Become a professional photographer

There are also some great gadgets for accomplished amateur photographers. We show you here a few cool examples, but of course you can find much more in the online shop.
Ball pod tripod
Often you need a tripod on the way and of course you don't have one at hand. And taking a traditional tripod with you isn't exactly easy, because those things are bulky. A great options are the colorful ball pods. These are silicone balls with a diameter of just 8 cm. They have a 1/4 inch screw for tripod thread, which keeps the camera securely and quickly in place. A practical and inexpensive option for high-level photography on the go.
Bottle tripod
The bottle stand also offers a good solution to the same problem. Here one simply cleverly converts a stinking normal drinking bottle into a tripod. It is a threaded flexible rubber mount that is inserted into the bottle and then screwed to the camera. In no time at all you have a great tripod.
Floating camera strap
Action cams are popular and have become a staple at the beach, surfing, diving, kayaking and many other water activities. However, the camera then quickly fell into the water and good advice is expensive. With the great floating camera strap, this problem is a thing of the past. Because devices with a weight of up to about 220 grams are held on the water surface by this loop. The strap is also made of quick-drying material and can be clipped to the camera very easily. The loop is available in bright colors so that it can be quickly discovered in the water. An absolute must for action sports photographers in the water!

Extra release button
Who hasn't experienced this: in a hectic situation, you may not feel the release button quickly enough or you may not hit it correctly. Gadgets such as the ProDot, which make the release button more tactile, provide a remedy. The grip is significantly increased and you can trigger much faster and safer. The handy little dot fits all triggers that have at least 9.8mm diameter.

Everything for your camera

Foldable miniature photo studio
This miniature photo studio folds up, making it easy to take on the go. Opened it offers a white background, with which e.g. great product photos can make. In addition, the mini photo studio has built-in LED light strips to provide optimal light. These can also be dimmed.
When shooting with a smartphone, you can use an app to vary the background as desired via chroma key.
Hot shoe spirit level
Who doesn't know that, when taking landscape photos or portraits, you hold the camera unintentionally crooked and the picture is spoiled, or at least not optimal. The remedy here is a small transparent spirit level cube with three no vials. This fits into a standard hot shoe and helps the photographer to align the camera precisely.
Shirt with cleaning area
The lens is dirty and you don't have a suitable cloth to clean it? With this great t-shirt for photographers, that's no longer a problem. Because this has a sewn-on area made of high-quality microfiber. Here you can clean the lens, but also the mobile phone or other sensitive displays optimally and above all streak-free.
The shirt is available in various styles and chic designs in which the microfiber surface is practically unnoticeable.
Microfiber patches
If you don't want to buy a complete T-shirt right away, you can opt for microfiber patches that can be ironed on. This is then simply ironed onto any piece of clothing and can then also ensure streak-free displays and lenses. The packs come with several patches in different shapes. In addition to clothing, it's also great to iron onto the flap of your camera bag.
Stormproof camera bag and photo backpack
Speaking of camera bags. A great gift for amateur photographers is also a high-quality and robust photo bag that can withstand storms, downpours, snow and ice, even sandstorms.
Also practical is a photo backpack suitable for flying, whose dimensions correspond to the typical hand luggage. It offers enough space for two cameras and plenty of equipment for the photo trip. This also includes special compartments for notebook and tablet. Everything is well padded and offers protection for the sensitive cameras, lenses and other accessories. Also included are tripod mounting straps and a rain cover.
Pixelstick for light painting
With the Pixelstick you can easily make long exposures and create real works of art. It has 200 LEDs which are transferred to the image by movement as a pixel line. Not only does it conjure up colourful lines and pre-programmed patterns, but also your own images in the night shot - there are no limits to your creativity with this nifty pixel stick!








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