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Drone are the perfect toy for tech loving gadget freaks. After all, who doesn't dream of flying a small unmanned multicopter through the air by remote control and making amazing and technically high-quality video recordings?
Originally, drones were used by the military or researchers. Because at the beginning the costs for this were quite high and one thought anyway rather less of the fun factor, than of the practical use.
In the military and in research, the benefits were clear. Because in the case of military operations, you can fly over enemy territory unmanned without the risk of being shot down. In the case of research and science, one can think of flying over a volcano, for example, which could pose dangers to scientists.
Drones are now being used in emergency services, education, even the postal service. And of course from enthusiastic private individuals.
What types of drones are there actually?
There are different types of models:
⎫ Tricopter
The tricopter is equipped with three rotors and is the most inexpensive variant.The 3 rotors allow a clear view, which allows great shots without interference in the image. However, this drone has only a low thrust and can therefore not lift larger weights into the air. Unfortunately, light, small cameras often do not have a particularly good resolution.
A quadrocopter consists of four rotors and is therefore naturally more stable when flying. The thrust is also significantly higher and heavier cameras can be used without any problems. This drone is the best-selling in the private sector.
⎫ Hexacopter The hexacopter with its six rotors is a particularly stable and strong device with a lot of thrust, which allows precise flying and higher portability. That is why these drones are often used in the professional field. Even heavy cameras are no problem and the hexacopter also impresses with its great stability. Even if one of the rotors fails, this can be easily compensated by the remaining ones.A popular commercial use is at the post office or Amazon, which have started to transport packages with it.
⎫ Octocopter The octocopter offers the same advantages as the hexacopter, only of course a number more powerful. This option is also used in the professional field, for private use these multicopters are usually too expensive.

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What are the functions and features of drones?
Drones have various functions and features that you should be aware of before buying, because after all, you do not want to spend money on unnecessary functions on the one hand, but on the other hand, you definitely want to know your own needs and wishes fulfilled.
GPS function + GLOS NASS With GLOS NASS (precision and orientation), positions can be hit much faster and more accurately. This is because, especially in built-up areas, the view of some GPS satellites is sometimes obscured by buildings. Therefore the combined use of GPS + GLOS NASS is a common option
⎫ Intelligent Visual Positioning System (VPS) This system uses ultrasound to orient itself in space and does not require GPS reception. The environment is detected by ultrasound and obstacles are avoided. This system is especially good for indoor use, or flying in confined spaces with many obstacles.
⎫ Headless Mode This feature allows you to fly upside down without having to swap the left and right sides of the controller. This saves you having to rethink or turn the remote control.
FPV mode With this technology, you can follow the view of the unmanned flying object live while controlling with the help of FPV glasses. You can practically see exactly what the drone is recording in the air right now, and in real time. This feature is insanely popular and you should make a point of it when buying.
⎫ Gyroscope and gyro sensor This functionality helps to correct the flight attitude of a multicopter if necessary and thus keep it stable in the air. This is because in the air the multicopter is exposed to gusts of wind, thermal currents and other factors that can negatively affect stability. The gyro sensor detects such deviations and can correct them automatically. This effect is further enhanced by GPS.
So there are lots of different drones with different features and functions. So it's worth taking your time to look around and compare. With us you will find a lot of high quality options for every need!








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