LED gadgets

Useful and chic LED gadgets

LED gadgets are popular because on the one hand the smart LED gadgets are often really useful, and on the other hand the fancy lights are also really decorative and original.
Especially in terms of furnishing and decor of the real technology freak, LED gadgets are simply part of it!
LED gadgets include all sorts of gadgets that also have LED light strips, such as Bluetooth speakers with LED lights or bracelets that use LED technology to paint pictures in the air when you move. In our well sorted online shop you will find a lot of shiny gadgets for everyday life, on the road and for parties. Here are a few popular examples to give you an idea!
LED flashlight with battery
There are many different models here and everyone is sure to find something suitable. An should make sure that the LED flashlight is rechargeable. The small and very compact flashlights are typically quite bright and therefore very functional for many different situations. Whether camping, in the car in case of a breakdown, at home for an emergency or an exciting night hike, the LED flashlights have it all and help in any situation.
LED light alarm clock: Wake up with virtual sunbeams
Many people love to be woken up by the sun. However, this is often easier said than done. Especially in the wintertime, or when you have to get up in the dark due to work, you have to do without the beautiful sunlight. With the great LED light alarm clock, the problem is elegantly solved!The light alarm clock increases the light intensity from 1% to 100% within 30 minutes and thus simulates a sunrise. Those who want to have this reversed when falling asleep can also program this. In addition, the LED light alarm clock offers a Bluetooth speaker functionality and you can also let the LEDs shine in six other colors.
Synergy lamp - music, light and cool drinks in one gadget
Often LED gadgets combine several functions. A good example is the Kooduu Synergy lamp. With it, you can not only illuminate the room in a chic and functional way, but also chill drinks and listen to music via Bluetooth at the same time.
LED solar light with dimming function for the garden
LED solar lights for plugging into the ground are well known. However, these solar lights with dimming function are even more mobile and can be placed exactly where you need them. During the day they charge up in the sunlight, and when you want to drink a glass of wine in the evening in the beautiful garden at mild temperatures, you have a practical and chic lamp that provides pleasant lighting.

It's glowing!

LED lights for the computer - illuminates the desk without dazzling
More and more people are working on the computer, often in the evenings in their own homes. Unfortunately, desk lamps often do not cast optimum light for working with the PC and unpleasant cast shadows, glare or unfavourable light reflections occur. These LED lamps, which can also be connected directly to the PC or laptop with a USB cable, cast optimal light directly from above the screen and keyboard. LED light comes very close to daylight and is therefore perfect for working.
Portable LED projector for your pocket
Our professional life is becoming more and more mobile and therefore we want to be able to take everything with us comfortably on the road. So how about a practical LED projector for your pocket?
This gadget measures just 9.8 x 9.8 x 2.1 cm (HxWxD) and with its 200g weight it is as light as a feather. These projectors can be transported effortlessly, whether in a backpack, a handbag or even in your pocket!
It has a built-in battery, so you can get up to 120 minutes of play time without power. Moreover, the gadget can also be charged on the go via a powerbank. You can't expect more mobility from a beamer.
LED case: Integrated light for the perfect selfie
Selfies have become part of our lives. Whether shot for social media, best friends, or family, you always want to look your best. With photos, this is ensured above all by the correct lighting. However, this is not always the case when taking a selfie. The remedy is the great smartphone case with LED lighting. Your selfies have never looked better!
LED mosquito trap with additional attractant
Insects are annoying, especially when you want to sit on the terrace in the evening and chat in peace. An LED mosquito trap is particularly practical.
Good mosquito traps use LED bulbs which produce violet light to attract the insects. In addition, high-quality LED mosquito traps also have an attractant. The refill cartridges for this flow out for about 30 days. As soon as the mosquitoes are in the immediate vicinity of the trap, they are sucked in by a special fan and fall into the collection container.
3D Bulbing - cool LED lamps in 3D optics
Perfect decoration (not only) for the nerd - lamp in impressive 3D optics! The principle is quite simple, but the effect is impressive. It is essentially a thin transparent acrylic plate on which various motifs were lasered, which then light up with 3D effect.
Party lighting: rotating LED bulb
The perfect gadget for the cool party. Big effect at a small price. Just buy a special LED light bulb for the party. These rotate like a small disco ball and spice up any party. The bulbs fit into any normal socket and can therefore be used anywhere.
Keyhole light with motion detector
You sometimes can't find the keyhole when you come home after a night of drinking? With this LED gadget the problem is solved. It simply attaches directly over the keyhole with the included tape. Due to the integrated motion detector, the light turns on automatically as soon as you approach the keyhole with the key in your hand.
LED USB corks for bottle lighting
Another nice LED gadget for parties is the LED USB Cork. This is charged via USB cable and can then be inserted into the bottle with the cork part, not only to close it, but also to light it up chicly at the same time.
Have we inspired you in terms of LED gadgets? Then just have a look around in our shop - you will surely find what you are looking for!








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