Beautiful pictures with a ring light

We all love social networks, and Instagram is particularly trendy, especially among young people. So it's no wonder that there are plenty of practical gadgets here too. Of course, these are not only interesting for Instagram fans, but for the other networks as well. Here are a few smart ideas to make life easier on social media.
Snapchat glasses
Originally designed primarily for Snapchat, the smart glasses have also proven suitable for Instagram and Facebook posts.
It is a pair of sunglasses that films 10-second clips as soon as you tap them twice. This way you can unobtrusively film what's right in front of you.
The synchronization of the movies between Spectacles sunglasses and Snapchat app works wirelessly via Bluetooth or WLAN. The app also lets you export your videos so you can share them outside of Snapchat, such as on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
Belfie Stick
On Instagram, not only selfies are popular, but also photos of the buttocks (Belfie). However, these photos are very difficult to take and require a lot of contortions. That's why we now have the Belfie Stick. This is basically a selfie stick with an extendable joint so you can easily take a photo of your butt.
So if you want to show that your Glute training is bearing fruit through daily posts, the Belfie Stick is a great way to do it.

Vlogging Accessories

Mini Karaoke Microphone
Who hasn't wanted to perform a cool song, but didn't have the right equipment? With a mini karaoke microphone is provided for remedy. Simply connect the tiny microphone together with the headphones to your smartphone and sing away. However, you have to download a corresponding app beforehand (free of charge). The artistic attempts definitely sound better this way!
This clever phone case doubles as a mini printer for your Instagram photos. The gadget prints tiny, perfect pictures with sticky backs so you can stick them anywhere. And that's not all! If you look at the photo in the Prynt app on your smartphone, you'll see a 10-second video shot around the frame.
The flapit works in the same way as the display board at airports used to announce flights. When folded down, the gadget also makes the appropriate sounds. It doesn't announce flights, but shows how many followers you have on your social media. Simply plug in the Flapit and connect to the Flapit site.
Your online success in full size and visible to all who are around.
Of course, there are plenty of portable tripods that you can use to create extra artistic Instagram photos.
Mobile phone cases with light ring for better photos
When shooting selfies, one problem is often that you don't have a flash or other lighting in the front. Therefore, the photos are often insufficiently illuminated. This is where a phone case with a light ring helps, casting a nice and even light on your face. Your photos will be much more attractive!
You see - there are plenty of Instagram gadgets that make life a lot easier for both Instagram fans and members of other social networks in general. Just have a look around in our shop!








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