The funniest USB gadgets

The funny USB gadgets have been a real hit for some time now. Even though some are also practical, the fun factor is certainly key here. There is hardly anything that you can't connect and operate via USB cable to a laptop or computer.
We show you here simply best times a few funny examples.
The USB cup warmer heats up properly under your hot drink
No one who works at a computer or laptop all day wants to go without the hot beverage of their choice. In most cases, it is a nice cup of coffee that keeps you awake with its caffeine and delightful taste and enables you to perform well. Programmers, freelancers and creatives in particular often need a little hot stimulant to keep them going through the night. But often the coffee just gets cold too quickly and then just doesn't taste right. The USB cup warmer is an efficient remedy for this.
The fun is relatively inexpensive and a real dilemma solved. Caution: Typically no cup is included in the delivery. Our tip: It is best to buy a stainless steel cup, as this can be heated up more quickly and is easier to keep hot than a porcelain cup.
By the way, the good models have a display that shows the temperature. Simply connect the cup warmer to your computer or laptop via USB and enjoy - no batteries needed.
The USB launcher provides for exciting battles between workstation, copier, fax and wastebasket
Fun must also be in the office everyday life from time to time - otherwise you go crazy. Especially exciting and fun is a battle between rocket throwers, which are connected to the computer with USB. With this you can aim foam missiles at unsuspecting passers-by or at your annoying table neighbour. If at least two colleagues have purchased the great USB launcher, exciting battles can ensue, interrupting the office grind for at least a few minutes.
After buying the gadget, all you have to do is download the free app from the App Store and you're ready to go. Just plug in the USB launcher and then control it via mouse or keyboard.
By the way, the foam rockets fly a total of just under seven meters.
The USB fan provides refreshment on hot days
Whether on hot days in summer or in overheated rooms in winter - the USB fan provides cooling and refreshment!
The clever fan is simply connected to the laptop or computer via USB. You can regulate the speed and switch the fan on and off via a controller. Another particularly practical feature is that the USB fan has four separate USB ports to which you can also connect other USB gadgets in addition.

BRAND NEW: USB C Powerbanks

The USB powerbank for extra juice
We all know this well enough. The battery of the smartphone somehow always gives up the ghost too quickly. In itself, no wonder, because we use the smartphone all day, after all, and some apps and GPS consume quite a lot of energy. That is why portable USB chargers in the form of the powerbank are currently very popular.
With a good powerbank with 5600mAh, the capacity is sufficient to completely charge a modern smartphone twice. The powerbank itself is then recharged via USB through the computer or laptop. In addition, this gadget often also has a powerful LED lamp.
The powerbank itself is about the size of a smartphone and thus fits easily into any jacket pocket, backpack, purse, etc.
The USB pocket warmer keeps your hands warm
Who has constantly cold hands in winter will have his bright joy in this USB gadget. The pocket warmer is charged via USB cable and then delivers a heating power of almost 40 degrees Celsius thanks to its capacity of 1000mAh.

If you have cold hands all the time in winter, you should get a pocket warmer that you can conveniently charge via USB connection. The heat-giving battery has a capacity of 1000mAh and delivers a heat output of just under 40°C.
The pocket warmer can be turned on and off as needed and keeps hands warm for one to two hours. This USB gadget also has an additional USB port so that you can charge your smartphone in between, similar to a power bank.
The pocket warmer comes with a sleeve so you can't burn your hands.
USB washing machine
Believe it or not, there are no USB washing machines to clean glasses, watches and jewellery either. However, bigger things don't fit in.
Heated slippers
If you tend to get cold feet while sitting at your computer in the winter, this USB gadget is perfect for you. Just plug it into your computer or laptop and you'll have cozy warm feet. However, this gadget does not have a battery, so the fun is over as soon as you unplug the cable from the USB port. This gadget is especially great for home, since few people can put their feet in slippers at the office. The slippers not only look cosy, they are also cosy when heated to approx. 42 degrees Celsius with the help of the heating pads inside.
USB night light
These smart USB LED lights are incredibly practical. You get the slim USB strips in a pack of five and just have to plug them into a USB port. Especially for camping very practical together with a battery pack, as a night light or for hobbyists.
USB microscope
This is a dream gadget for hobbyists and also kids and teens. Because this microscope is connected to the computer via USB and then throws the image directly onto the monitor. Whether it's strange insects or just the crumbs between the computer keys, the results are pretty impressive.

USB Humidifier
Particularly in offices with central heating and air conditioning systems, the air is often dry and unpleasant, especially for allergy sufferers. This USB humidifier is an excellent remedy. Simply connect via USB cable and place in a glass of water. The ambient air is then enriched with the moisture from the glass.
As you can see, there are a lot of interesting USB gadgets. If you are curious, just have a look in our category








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