You have seen a lot of images of people dressing up as your favorite hero/character or you’ve actually been to one of the gatherings, like Comic-Con. Looked at cosplaying in awe. And now it’s in you, you can’t shake it off, the question arose inside you: How can I be do that? How can I be a part of that community? Well, let’s take a look.

Step 1: Planning the character

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The most difficult part, in my opinion, would be picking the right character. Cosplaying actually begins with this step. While it might seem like an easy decision, it’s important to pick a character you can relate with or that you’re similar to. Someone that means a lot to you personally or someone you really like. It’s not necessary to choose one like that, but for some, Cosplaying is a way of life and if you truly want to connect with the character instead of just wearing the costume, it’s preferred to choose some you have a connection with. It also helps you into crawling into the mindset of the character. Costumes are just the foundation.

Keep in mind that you are not limited by the boundaries of gender, race, size, looks or the universe. You can cosplay a character from anime, TV shows, movies, comics or even other animation.

Step 2: Costume

Black Butler 2 Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive Blue Boy Lolita Suit Anime Unisex Cosplay Costume Sets
Black Butler 2 Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive Blue Boy Lolita Suit Anime Unisex Cosplay Costume Sets

This is the fun part, not as fun as dressing up as Batman, but equally fun, or close to that. Keep in mind that the character you chose might have multiple outfits in his wardrobe, multiple ones he made an appearance in. You are not required to make everything on your own, that’s what makes most people sweat over cosplaying. If you are good at sewing or crafting, of course you can make it. If you don’t want to, there are plenty available on our site, feel free to roam around. If you are planning on long term, it’s better to learn sewing.

Step 3: Getting into character

Japanese Anime Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Kaneki Ken Cosplay Costume Hoodie Jacket Pants Shorts Full Set Outfits Men Uniforms Masks
Japanese Anime Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Kaneki Ken Cosplay Costume Hoodie Jacket Pants Shorts Full Set Outfits Men Uniforms Masks

Let’s say, you are dressing up for Comic-Con, as a beginner you don’t want to wear it first time to the big gathering. It’s advised to practice. Working on the tiny details like eyes, hair, and makeup would make it easier for you to get out there and be totally confident. After all, you are the embodiment of your character now.

Hair and makeup is as important as picking costumes. Think about how the character’s hair and makeup would translate to real life. Short? Long? Do you need a wig? Are you willing to cut you hair? Do you have to color it? Wear makeup or not? Of course makeup looks better on a photograph? But are you going for a stylized or a realistic look? Think about what sort of look you are going for. Of course you can play with your hair as much as you like, but don’t go for that if you don’t like the looks. Or understand that whatever you choose, you’re going to be stuck with it for a few months.

Makeup makes the skin appear smoother and more photogenic. Who wouldn’t want to click a couple of (or whole albums) photos in your favorite character. Natural look, basic foundation, neutral eyeshadow and eyeliner go with most characters, regardless of gender. If you are a Cosplaying girl, mascara and false lashes can be used. Let your imagination work. Let me give you some tips

  • You can use lipstick and contouring or blush to bring more life to your character
  • Contouring can be used to make your face look more feminine or masculine.
  • Lipstick can benefit male characters too. Use a neutral color.
  • You can use different eyeshadow if it suits the character.
  • Some characters appear with their own makeup.
  • Don’t hesitate to wear contacts if you fell like experimenting with eye color.
  • If anything seems out of place or uncomfortable, take a moment to fix it. You want the costume to be comfortable and durable.

After figuring out the costume and appearance, let’s start practicing. It’s not necessary to get deep into the character. You don’t have to copy the mannerisms or posture. Though, it would be fun to act like the character. You Could Try Out Some Poses As People Loves Taking Photos Of cosplayers. Oh, and most importantly, be proud of your work, some of the people at the conventions might look even better than the original character. What can we say, cosplaying is life for them. You will get there.

Step 4: Going out

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Once you have it all figured out, it’s time to start having fun. Of course that’s what you have been trying to do anyway. Let’s bring it on. Get in your costume. Try not to compare and try to make new friends. Some people can give you great pointers. Also, it’d be easy as you’re already in a place full of people with the same interests as you. And most people at the events like Comic-Con are kind and friendly; they would make you feel at ease. If you are shy, try going with some of your friends. You will make friends in no time. Just start enjoying, the worst parts are over.

casual cosplaying

You can also try casual cosplaying if you don’t want to go all deep. How does it work? Casual cosplayers pick out elements of their favorite characters and interpret that essence into everyday looks.

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Casual Cosplaying is of two types: Obvious casual and super casual. Obvious casual is when your intentions are clear without using much makeup or costumes. As simple as going as Clark Kent by wearing a nice outfit with buttons open and a Superman logo underneath with glasses on. Super Casual is a little harder to decipher, and the definition changes a lot. Let’s say, you’re wearing the iconic Joker suit without any extra makeups, all you are doing is wearing a costume, but you are still cosplaying. Or in other words, think of these as mimicking the characters’ more realistic looks. Casual cosplaying is obviously cheaper and less time consuming. But at the end of the day, it’s totally up to you to choose how you are going. The whole point is having fun or living as your favorite character. So, Happy Cosplaying!!!!!

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