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Gadgets for every situation and life situation are more popular than ever – and of course this includes smart outdoor gadgets. Gadgets are for example technical – often a bit nerdy – novelties or funny accessories and equipment for all areas of everyday life.

In our online shop you will find everything your heart desires. And of course, many things you didn’t even know you wanted. Because there really isn’t anything in gadgets that isn’t out there. Let’s take a rough look at the possibilities to give you an idea. After that, of course, CDU can browse all the options in every single subcategory to your heart’s content!



We all enjoy the summer, which can often be quite short in Central Europe. When the weather is good, it’s best to be outside, preferably near a pool, bathing lake, beach or, of course, in the garden at home barbecuing and hanging out with friends. No wonder there are gadgets galore to sweeten the summer time even more. Here are a few examples:


⎫ Waterproof picnic blanket We all know this situation. We're sitting in the park with friends. The evening is approaching, the mood is great and we could spend the whole night on the picnic blanket. Unfortunately, we somehow end up with a soggy bottom. With the ultra-light and waterproof picnic blanket from Yonder this no longer happens. The picnic blanket has more than earned the 2nd place of our summer gadgets and should not be missing in any backpack. A few key data: Protection from moisture and dirt - no more grass stains & Co! Made of strong, 100% waterproof ripstop nylon to keep you sand-free and protected from wet ground and dirt. Quick drying, waterproof, tear resistant, compact and super lightweight. Also perfect to use as a rain poncho! 140cm x 155cm blanket with plenty of room to relax for up to three people. Whether it's a picnic, camping, day at the lake, bike ride, hiking tour, beach day, sporting event, backpacking, world travel, outdoor concerts, festival, yoga, travel, fishing or any other activity, you'll always be comfortable with this summer gadget as a travel accessory.
⎫ Mini USB fan In summer, a small, portable fan is a must-have. The mini USB fan provides a fresh breeze on particularly hot summer days. Mini USB power supply via smartphone rotating fan and soft rotor blades - Safe! low power consumption, no damage to smartphone compatible for iPad, iPhone, Samsung, HTC,Motorola, LG, HUAWEI,... available in different colours
⎫ Beer crate cooler Great gadget to keep your beer nice and cool even in summer. The beer cooler consists of 4 containers that can be easily filled with ice cubes and closed. Suitable for 0.5 liter beer bottles or other 0.5 liter bottles. The beer cooler can be used multiple times and is from our point of view an absolute must-have and therefore landed on place 4 of our summer gadgets.
⎫ Melon slicer Of course, fresh fruit can't be missing in summer. However, sometimes the preparation is a bit of a chore. The melon slicer helps you to prepare fresh melons bite-size. We could all eat a little more fruit. The melon cutter makes it to a solid 5th place on our list of favorite summer gadgets 2018.
Festival Gadgets
Summertime is festival time! You won't want to miss out on our fun festival gadgets. Camping will be unforgettable with our festival accessories.
In our online shop you will find crazy party gadgets, funny fun articles and games, practical equipment for camping and outdoor, the matching clothing, funny costumes as well as unusual disguises and useful gimmicks from the field of electronics and photography. True to our motto: Life is too short to be boring.
You don't know what to take with you to a festival? In our festival packing list we have compiled the most important utensils. There you will find everything you need for the festival and useful tips for equipment and camping supplies.
Our cool hero Alan from the movie Hangover has always been known as a caring person. Alan comes as a complete set with the following accessories: T-shirt, wig, beard, sunglasses, baby carrier with baby.
Camping toilet, Easy-Pee women's urinal, shower with foot pump, three-second tent or tent pegs with LED lighting. The next festival will be such a success!
Garden gadgets
Summer is garden time, but all other seasons bring outdoor activities as well if you have a green thumb or want to get one. Whether in the home garden, in the beloved allotment garden or in the weekend house - the hobby gardeners are not afraid of any weather and any task. However, they too make their everyday life more fun and entertaining with appropriate garden gadgets. From very "normal" and well established things like cordless lawn trimmer, nifty handheld shower for expertly wetting your beloved plants, holiday watering system or 2 in 1 garden bench with storage compartment, to fun yet useful garden fan shoes and tick roller, to fun party gadgets for the gardenb like burrow beer cooler or Bluetooth speaker stone.
Pool and Beach Gadgets
1. the inflatable donut floating ring

The first summer gadget I'd like to introduce you to is especially great for a relaxing day by the pool. The Donut Swim Ring* is not only mega comfortable and chill but also looks cool. Just inflate it and put it in the pool.
Then all you have to do is sit back and relax. This thing is just under 6 feet tall, so it's got plenty of room for you.
Inflation can take a little longer, so you'd better get an air pump, otherwise you'll turn blue and tip over because you run out of air. Once you've finished inflating the donut, there's nothing standing in the way of your relaxing day in the pool or ocean.
2. the ingenious ice block beer box cooler
Whoever came up with the idea to cool a case of beer like that will forever be my hero. Most of the time you try to put the crate in the water or bury it in the sand and an hour later you realize that the beer is warm as piss.
The ice block beer case cooler* cools up to 20 beer bottles down to 10 degrees drinking temperature within 30 minutes.
All you need is an icebox large enough to accommodate the giant ice cube mold. And a case of beer, of course.
With this summer gadget you'll impress all your friends, because who doesn't dream of an ice-cold beer while lying on the beach or by the pool in 30 degree weather? It'll make you the hero of the day and maybe even the summer.
4. fatboy lamzac - the inflatable beanbag

A beanbag on the beach? That's much too big to take with you! Not the Lamzac*, which folds up for easy transport. You've probably seen a video of the inflatable beanbag on Facebook.
The invention is simply ingenious and for me definitely the summer gadget of 2016. It's not quite as elegant as in most Facebook videos, but with a little practice you'll be able to catch enough air to make the Lamzac comfortable.
Fitness and Sport Gadgets
When talking about fitness and sports gadgets, it's mostly about pedometers, MP3 players, wristbands that transfer collected data to the smartphone, nifty and functional headphones, mobile phone arm pouches, smart scales that also indicate body fat, water percentage, etc. in addition to weight and the like. After all, the main goal is to make the workout as easy, enjoyable and efficient as possible.
Travel and Holiday Gadgets
Travel Gadgets: The best useful and cool gadgets for on the road
Travel gadgets are useful, practical, cool or just plain funny. Although the space in hand luggage and suitcase is tight: Some gadgets you will not want to miss.
I travel a lot myself, so I'm very interested in gadgets and travel gear. I started this blog here to showcase the coolest tips for frequent travelers.
travel essentials...
Tech gadgets
Travel accessories
Luggage and bags
Travel clothes
Travel types...
Frequent traveller
Business travellers
Digital nomads

Camping & Survival

Technology gadgets for dogs
Cyber playmate in the garden
Dog Pal is English and means dog buddy. And that's exactly what this gadget is supposed to be: a friend and playmate for the four-legged friend. The "Go-Go Dog Pal" looks like a small hairy animal, drags a ball around and can be controlled from a distance. He chases the dog across the meadow at a speed of 35 kilometres per hour.
Bello alone at home
"Pawly" is a mobile spy in the apartment when master is sometimes not there. The mobile playmate can be controlled via smartphone and tablet, and thanks to the built-in camera, you can always keep an eye on your dog when you're out and about. You can even talk to Wuffi via a loudspeaker.

Safe on the leash
Rushing through the aisles while shopping for fear that your tethered pooch will be stolen outside the supermarket? Never be afraid of dog thieves again! The SafeSpot Locking Dog Leash secures Bello with a hidden steel cable in the leash. Scissors and knives don't stand a chance.
Camera dog
Who dug the holes in the lawn again? And who really hurt the neighbor's cat? With the animal "GoPro Fetch" (from 49 euros) strapped to the dog's back, you can see the world from the dog's perspective. The harness is even waterproof.
Feeding via smartphone
"Pintofeed" is a food bowl networked with master and can be controlled from anywhere via smartphone app. The integrated food container holds between 2.3 or 4.5 kilograms of dry food, individually dosed. Via email, SMS, Twitter or even Facebook post, the tech gadget even informs you about the status of the food delivery.
Motorhome, Camping and Barbecue Gadgets
Important gadgets for the campsite
Some gadgets not only make camping easier, but are absolutely necessary. Two of the most important, but in a hurry you tend to leave them at home: the CEE adapter and the flashlight.
CEE Schuko adapter
A CEE adapter is not only very helpful. It is even necessary if you want to get electricity at the campsite to save the battery in the motorhome. So if you want to listen to the radio under the awning in the evening hours, you should not do without this accessory.
Outdoor LED Flashlight
Every camper knows: The flashlight must not be missing when camping. Because it is not uncommon to have to find your way around a campsite at night time or to search for something in the dark. The flashlight should have enough lumens and have a long runtime. This outdoor LED flashlight with 1000 lumens and 300 min non-stop runtime is perfect for motorhome holidays.
Helpful gadgets for the journey
Vacationing in a motorhome, as we all know, involves an hour or two behind the wheel. Especially for motorhome newcomers who are not yet used to driving a large motorhome, this can sometimes mean work. To make sure your vacation doesn't turn into a chore, a few gadgets make the trip easier.
Video reversing system
Large motorhomes are difficult to see in traffic. Still, you don't have to strain your neck parking. Because reversing systems for motorhomes have become very popular in recent years. The cameras feature a rugged die-cast aluminum housing and a shockproof mount. The display on the monitor automatically adjusts to the external lighting conditions. If desired, you can even display auxiliary lines for manoeuvring.

Battery monitoring system
Especially in motorhomes, the battery plays a very special role. It is also used to operate numerous electrical appliances such as the refrigerator or lighting in the interior. It makes sense to keep an eye on the charge of the battery, especially during stays of several days on remote campsites. Thanks to a monitoring system with a display in the living area, you don't even have to get out of the vehicle to do this.
Helpful kitchen gadgets for camping gourmets
Campers are usually also gourmets. Regional delicacies and something good from the grill make the holiday at the campsite perfect. These gadgets turn even the smallest camping kitchen into a star restaurant.
Espresso pump
On a tour in the outback, a delicious espresso in the morning is just the thing. But where would you get a freshly brewed pick-me-up in such a neighborhood? One thing is clear: a real espresso machine would take up too much space in the compact camper. Much handier is an espresso hand pump. You simply pump yourself the delicious espresso with 16 bar pressure and hot water. Small and practical, it fits in any luggage.

Hot air grill lighter
Barbecuing is part of every motorhome tour for most campers. If you want to do without alcohol and other unhealthy grill lighters, you should try a hot air grill lighter. With 2,000 watts of power, the charcoal is "hot-dried" in seconds. And all without unhealthy fumes.
Leisure Convection Oven
Many motorhomes only have an integrated gas cooker in the kitchenette. If you want to serve a delicious cake or roast from the oven on a tour, a portable convection oven is a great help. Convection circulates the heat around the inner baking tray. This practical gadget is in no way inferior to the home oven.

More comfort on the camping trip
Many motorhomes today already offer a high level of comfort. If you're looking to really enjoy yourself on vacation, these gadgets raise the comfort level a bit further.
Bus awning
How can you triple the living space of a small motorhome on a campsite really quickly? Quite simple: with a bus awning! It can be used quite flexibly as a sleeping or storage space. And if you want to use the vehicle for trips during the day, it can stand alone and be locked.

Moped rear carrier system
The fact that you can take your bicycles with you on a tour with your motorhome is well known to motorhome owners. As a rule, many motorhomes also have a bicycle rack at the rear. But what to do if you want to take your moped or motorcycle for a short spin? There is a solution for this as well. With a premium rear carrier system, the scooter can travel at the rear of the motorhome.
Yes, we camp
Last but not least, a small but nice accessory for the mobile home. If you're a proud camper, you should show it. This funny wooden sign shows everyone that touring with a motorhome is a real way of life.
Survival gadgets for the hardy
The latest survival gadgets to help you survive a worst-case scenario
There's just something about tackling a challenging problem and having the perfect gadget to solve it.
They feel extra prepared.
And there's no better place for these cool problem solvers than the survival market.
It's a vibrant market chalk full of cool new survival gadgets.
It seems like every day I stumble across a new survival gadget worth sharing with our readers!
So we decided to publish all these cool survival gadgets in one appropriate place - this blog post.
A place you can visit often if you want to learn about the latest / greatest survival aids.
That's why you should NOT read and bookmark this page now.
We update this list frequently (every time we find a cool new survival gadget), so you'll want to come back, and again....
OK, now that you've bookmarked this page, let's dive into the best gadgets the survival market has to offer.
Leatherman Tread Bracelet
Want to cool the survival gadget multitool you wear on your wrist instead of carrying it in your pocket? You need to try Leatherman's Tread Bracelet.
This cool survival gadget features 29 unique tools, including:
Many screwdriver options
Several hexagonal drives
Box key options
Oxygen tank key
Tempered Glass Breaker
Pick / SIM card tool
Cut hooks
¼-inch drive
Bottle opener
# 2 square drive
So it's a portable multi-tool with lots of interchangeable links.
Estream portable water generator
In the survival gadget world, portable power is ubiquitous, and one of the latest additions is Estream.
This device is a portable mini turbine that turns any running water source into storable energy.
Simply drop the unit into moving water and anchor it. The turbine blades rotate and generate electricity. The energy is then stored in the connected battery.








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