An insanely popular category are of course the tech gadgets – because here beats the heart of the real nerd so really higher. But not only the nerds, also the normal people can get shiny eyes at one or the other tech gadget.

Tech gadgets in many cases make our daily lives easier and on top of that, they’re also a ton of fun. Let’s just take a look at a few examples!



Camera gadgets are wonderful helpers for video and photo fans. Especially on vacation they are often worth their weight in gold. This category includes such simple things as smartphone holders for taking photos or movies, selfie sticks, camera glasses and much more. However, there are also technical add-ons for smartphone cameras, such as a Bluetooth cam for the wrist. Because the best snapshots are taken in spontaneous situations – and it sometimes takes too long to pull out your smartphone, get your camera ready, etc. With a modern wearable, you simply raise your arm to the side of your body and the wristband automatically snaps a full HD photo with an integrated wide-angle lens. It can even be used to make short video clips. The recordings can then be transferred to a smartphone via Bluetooth and shared directly on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram using the appropriate iOS or Android app.


Smart homes are all the rage and Alexa is on everyone's lips - literally. In the meantime, it is no longer a dream of the future that you can start the vacuum cleaner robot from your smartphone and then come home to a clean apartment in the evening. Dogs and cats can be fed and monitored on the move, there are sophisticated security systems that can be monitored and operated on the move. Even smoke detectors are no longer just horrible beeping ugly things that only warn you if you are actually standing next to them, but now these tech gadgets report smoke to your smartphone, no matter where you are.
Of course, a Home Control universal remote control is also practical, allowing you to control up to 15 devices with just one universal control. In addition to all multimedia devices, you can of course also operate all smart home devices such as automatic door locks and thermostats. Thanks to a so-called hub, you don't even have to point the remote control at the various devices, but can even control everything at home from outside at will. Just the right thing for real control freaks!
Apple Accessories and iPhone Gadgets
The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. So it's only natural that inventors keep coming up with new gadgets and accessory options for the popular smartphone. Here are a few examples:
⎫ Portable Charger / Power Bank New models like iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus are capable of wireless charging! An end is finally put to the annoying tangle of cables.
⎫ Battery Replacement Kit At some point, even the best iPhone battery will give out. Unfortunately, this is also associated with not inconsiderable costs. With a handy battery replacement kit, you can do the replacement yourself. The scope of delivery includes the battery plus the necessary tools.
⎫ Apple Airpods These practical 100% wireless headphones with long battery life are a real hit - not only when jogging.
⎫ iPhone Display Replacement Kit A display is quickly broken. The replacement is sinfully expensive and some people run around forever with a broken display to save money. With an exchange kit, this is a thing of the past.
⎫ Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker If you're tired of constantly looking for your keys, there's a handy gadget to help you out. Simply attach the Bluetooth tracker to your keychain, backpack or wherever you need it. After that, you can then simply search for the item in question using an app. The iPhone is misplaced? No problem, just press a small button on the Bluetooth Tracker and the phone starts ringing. An all-round practical gadget!
Of course, there are plenty of other great gadgets for iPhone and Apple products. In the corresponding subcategory you will find even more!
USB gadgets
If you think of USB only as a data transfer and smartphone charging device - you are completely wrong and light years behind the latest developments.
Nowadays there is almost nothing you can't move, heat or make work with USB cables. For example, you can find the following gadgets that can be powered by a USB cable:
⎫ USB mood light with touch sensor
⎫ USB Drive Mix Tape
⎫ USB Christmas tree
⎫ USB table fan
⎫ USB Drums
⎫ USB mini fridge
USB Paper Shredder
⎫ USB Plasma Ball
⎫ USB fan with gooseneck
⎫ USB cup warmer with 4-way hub
Granted - very few of them are really practical, most are more of a gag or fun to play with. Anyway: the choice is rich!
VR Gadgets, AR Gadgets, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
Virtual reality - VR for short - is very much in vogue. In order to be able to enjoy and experience the whole thing, of course, you first need the appropriate VR glasses. But in addition, there are plenty of accessories, i.e. tech gadgets. E.g. Shooter, Light Sabers and much more.
What you see in the glasses is completely generated by the computer and actually has nothing to do with reality. Thanks to 360° all-round vision and high-quality 3D animation, VR puts you right in the middle of the video game or film.
If you don't want to completely cut yourself off from the real world, you're better off with so-called "augmented reality" or "mixed reality". AR and MR combine real environments with elements from cyberspace. With AR, for example, real content is displayed in virtual travel guides, but without the possibility of interacting with it. In this sense, MR adds the icing on the cake, because here the superimposed images adjust in size, so they become smaller when you move away and larger when you get closer.
AR really became known through the popular game "Pokémon Go". The little Pokémons are superimposed on the smartphone's camera image, but they remained static in the frame. In an MR, the Pokémons would be displayed at different sizes depending on the distance.


Huge and clunky flashlights are out, because now there are great LED gadgets. LES are energy efficient and very durable. They shine strongly and give a very functional light. However, you can also get them in bright colors, recently even with a small remote control and color selection proram. Gamers like to put colorful LED ribbons around their gaming setup, and appropriately, there are also LED-lit gaming keyboards and PC mice.
No wonder LED gadgets are booming. This is because the powerful and economical LEDs take up very little space and can be integrated into practically anything. So there are now illuminated toilet seats, illuminated insoles, luminous pens, lava lamps, LED candles that look deceptively real and even accessories for the night golf tournament.
Mobile phone and smartphone gadgets
Our lives are absolutely unimaginable without mobile phones and smartphones. Today's youth has even grown up completely with smartphones, while older generations had to get used to them first. Be that as it may, it is only natural that there are plenty of nifty, funny and also very useful gadgets for the much loved mobile phone.
Just because the smartphone always waits in the pocket, in the satchel, in the handbag or in the car, one would like to extend it with functions - and that is possible with great gadgets for the smartphone quite simply.
This is because you can equip your mobile device with a Bluetooth speaker, for example, for better music sound via your mobile phone.
Special apps that allow you to use your phone to control other devices are also popular. Especially in the smart home area there are endless possibilities. You're out and about, you've met a bunch of old friends and now you're sitting in the pub with a nice glass of beer and you remember that the dog hasn't been fed? No problem, with an appropriate app and a suitable device at home, the poor Waldi can be fed without any problems.
Gaming gadgets
Gamers love anything bright and colorful that has to do with comics and video games. Accordingly, they decorate their gaming setup and look for original accessories and gadgets.
This includes of course the typical computer accessories - but please with colorful lighting. A really stylish gaming keyboard lights up in different colors, preferably with an automatic random color selection system. The mouse should also look trendy and be visually appealing.
The room itself is typically decorated with fancy LED ribbons as well. These are self-adhesive and come with a small remote control - what more could you want?
Of course, a headset with microphone is a must for playing the game. Because how else are you going to communicate with your online teammates?
Without a gaming chair nothing works, the cervical spine and the back will thank you.
And then depending on the video game there are lots of great accessories like Darth Vader Light Saber for the WII, AR guns, Hello Kitty WII Dance Pad, Boxing Gloves for the Play Station and much more.
And finally, of course, there are the futuristic drones for filming from above. One of the most popular gadgets ever.
By the way, it was not so long ago that aerial photography belonged exclusively to the professional sector. In recent years, however, there has been a sea change as drones with cameras are now available in many sizes and affordable prices. For starters, drones with four propellers, so-called quadrocopters, are recommended because they are easy to steer. The cheapest versions are available for about 20 euros, but to be honest they are only suitable for indoors. Because of the small size and weight, a relatively light gust of wind already tears them out of the flight path. This cheap variant also has no camera and is therefore nowhere near as much fun. In addition, the battery is also not powerful and after 5 minutes of flight is usually over. That's why real tech freaks naturally afford the more sophisticated version.
By the way, a little note on privacy and legal issues: photos and videos of people may not be taken without their permission.








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